Faith and Science

by Bubba

Whenever Elbert and I write a bird article that mentions scientific evidence of evolution such as 'Leaping Lizards' (a story about 150 million year old fossilized remains of a flying lizard that marked the beginning of the Avian Evolution) we are certain of two things: The story will present accurate and physical evidence presented by leading ornithologists and scientists in the study of early and current bird life - and our e-mail will be deluged with letters from readers who reject evolutionary theory. Most of the critics object as a matter of scriptural principle; others say they have scientific evidence that calls evolution into question.

Faith and science have at least one thing in common: both are life long searches for truth, but while faith is an unshakable belief in the unseen, science is the study of testable, observable phenomena.

The idea 'Achaeopteryx' was the cornerstone for the evolution of birds is every bit as believable to us as St. Francis of Assisi saying he believed God created the birds for man's enlightenment and entertainment. Scientists have no more business questioning the existence of God than theologians had telling Galileo the earth was the center of the universe.

We feel these two beliefs can coexist and at times complement each other, but neither should be asked to validate or invalidate the other.

Birds of Ambergris Caye

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