The property consists of 100 x 200ft of high lawn and tree covered land. There is a simple wood/concrete house with approximately 1100 sq. ft. of living space. The exterior of the house is beautifully decorated in simple white with golden brown trim...there isn't a house that looks prettier from the outside on Ambergris Caye. It blends in superbly with the native trees that adorn the property.

The property is located in one of the nicest non-beachfront areas on Ambergris Caye. There is complete peace and quiet in this lovely neighborhood, and yet San Pedro Town is within easy walking or biking distance. Despite being just 1 mile from town, the property and surrounding areas are a birdwatchers paradise.

It is rare to find a property on Ambergris Caye with a combination of peace & quiet, and yet convenience to town. It is rarer still to find such a large property away from the beach.

The house is simply finished. The roof is painted white and is also fiberglass insulated against heat. The ceiling is cathedral-style with beautiful mixed hardwoods covering the insulation. There are two bedrooms and one bathroom. The main living area (actually a Great Room) consists of open-plan kitchen, dining room and living area. There is a large verandah. We are hooked up to phone, electricity and cable TV. Although the house is a very pleasant place to live, there is much potential for further interior adornment. We have two separately plumbed water sources: The first: underneath the house built into the foundations we have a huge 10,000 gallons of rainwater storage for drinking, cooking, washing and bathing. Imagine bathing in pure rainwater! Even during the longest dry seasons, we have never used more than 1/2 of our rainwater, and we're a family of 3! The second water source is a well located close to the house in the yard for garden and toilet use. Each water source has its own pump and separate plumbing.

This property would make a perfect vacation or retirement home, and there is plenty of room for further development.....the house only covers 5% of the property area!

Of course, after all this, what about the price? I will say right now that we are not going to sell it cheap.....but having said that, if you're still interested, why not email me, Chris Allnatt, at [email protected].

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