One Day Trips on the Blue Hole Express

"The "Blue Hole Express" is our 38ft. fast boat for day excursions to the Belize Atolls. Her most popular trip is the day trip to The Great Blue Hole, Southern Lighthouse Reef and Turneffe Islands. The Blue Hole is the first dive of the day, and at 130ft. it's a dive right to the edge of recreational dive limits. We don't do a decompression dive here; everything is strictly no-decompression. After the atmospheric broodiness of the Blue Hole (brilliant!) we do two first-class wall dives, one at Southern Lighthouse Reef and the other at Turneffe's NorthWest wall. If you don't like the diving on this trip, SELL YOUR GEAR. If we can't please you, no-one can!

About the dives you'll do:

1. The Great Blue Hole is located in the center of Lighthouse Reef Atoll. It's 1000ft. across and about 480ft. depp. Here at the Blue Hole Dive Center we've worked out that the Blue Hole has the same volume as 3 New Orleans Superdomes!! We worked this out while drinking beer, so we could be half a stadium out or so. Nevertheless, we can accurately say that it is BIG. For millions of years The Blue Hole was a dry cave and for this period huge stalactites and stalagmites slowly formed. When the last ice age ended, sea levels rose about 350ft., flooding the cave. At the same time the ceiling collapsed leaving the hole you see today. When diving the Blue Hole we swim under what is left of the old ceiling to view the remaining stalactites and stalagmites. It's an amazing journey back into geologic history, quite different from any other dive you'll ever do!

2. Long Caye Wall is located at the Southern end of Lighthouse Reef. The wall starts at 25ft. and drops off sheer to 2000ft. However, you'll be relieved to learn that the best diving there is between 20 and 60ft. For the colour and sheer variety of its marine life, this diving is unsurpassed in the Caribbean.

3. Turneffe Islands NorthWest Wall starts at 35ft. and slopes off to 120ft. Again, the maximum depth of this dive is just 60ft. Mammoth barrel sponges and huges growths of colourful corals and other sponge species abound here along with plenty of mobile marine life (fish!). A great way to end the best day of diving in Belize!

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