Wanna see a monkey for sure? How about a nice big goose, and all kinds of handmade wooden sculptures of all sorts of animals. Go and see CARIBLANDIA, Spanish's little park for children in SanTelmo. Amazing colors, fun animals, a little old school park in San Pedro.

Drive south on the main road til you see Marina's market, just south of that is a store Hariri's, turn left down the little road just past Hariri's. There is a blueish fish sign showing the way along the right side of that road.

Go towards the beach, the road turns left, go north thru that turn just a few seconds in a golf cart, and voila you are there!

Hollar a bit, in case folks are not handy right then.

Children ages zero to a hundred will enjoy this park. The cute little carvings and the animals will keep anyone occupied for a long time.

Right on the Caribbean, it will provide enjoyment for all, and is a nice little quiet spot in the middle of paradise.

To the left is a map of how to get to Cariblandia!

Below are pictures of the park.

Spanish has dedicated Cariblandia to "Don Severito",
L. Severo Guerrero, 1896-1986

San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize
Phone: +501-206-2078

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