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There is nothing more relaxing then a stroll on the beach. There is something about the vast expanse of the horizon that allows your worries to drift over that unseen ledge, temporally disappearing from heart and mind. Accompanying you along the way are the creatures who call this scene of serenity home. Above you soaring birds call out in screeching song, while longlegged shorebirds scamper on the beach, escorting you along the way. Crabs and critters scurry as you approach, and often when you look closely into the clear shallow waters you spot bright little tropical fish, quickly darting to their favorite hiding place. They are the ambassadors of the beach, there to join you during your quest of sand and sun. As constant companions, these beach buddies welcome you to their home in their own unique way.

Perhaps you have wondered just who these creatures are? In the following series, we take the opportunity to acquaint you with these common critters who lead uncommon lives. Like a new friend, this information will give you the chance to get to know your “beach buddies” a little better while exploring the beaches of Ambergris Caye.

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AnimalZ of the Reef

A-Z, animals of the Belize reef

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Belize Dive/Fish ID Cards

Wonderful detailed imagery of Belize Reef and Sea Life

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