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Belize, "Mother Nature's best kept secret" is rapidly becoming a major Caribbean destination for tourists from all over the globe. The Cruise Ship industry is at a rise attracting many visitor to Belize from off the cruise ships visiting only for the day. So much to do and so little time.

Cruise Ship visitors has the opportunity to experience many wonders from the reef to the rainforest. Dive or snorkel the greatest barrier reef in the western hemisphere and be amazed by the many species of marine life swimming amongst colorful living corals. Visit a Mayan ruin and learn about a great civilization that once inhabited Belize over 3000 years ago. Take a journey through the Mayan underworld tubing through underground caves over 175,000 years old and be in awe as your headlights reveals many untouched crystal formations.

Our local Zoo attracts many families with kids, where many indigenous animals are kept in their natural habitat. Take pictures of howler monkeys, toucan birds or the king of the jungle, the jaguar; among many others. Zipline the forest canopy 120 feet high above the ground. Get that adrenaline rush by soaring amongst huge trees high above in the rich jungle of Belize.

These destinations are offered by many local tour operators that will give you that warm Belize welcome and memorable experience in this jewel of ours. Cruise ship visitors are tendered into port by smaller boats to the tourism village where pick up is done. Many destinations are not far away from port giving visitors adequate time to take their tender back to the ship after the tour. It is best that visitors book their tour through the internet with local tour operators before they get here to avoid not having the opportunity to visit the many wonders of Belize.

Most Cruise Lines sell these tours on board too, but it is recommended that if you want to avoid huge groups, you book with the local tour operators who will give you a more private and the individual attention you deserve. The local operators are more experienced and also offer these tours at a way cheaper price than the Cruise Ship. So if you want private and cheaper price for the tours, book with an experience local tour operator.

Most popular tour operators have websites that offer these tours and they will give you all the information you need before you arrive. So go ahead and reserve your spot today to explore and experience what many have before. You better Belize it!

Harvest Caye opened in November 2016. The island features a seven acre beach, a 15,000 square foot pool, 15 canopy pool cabanas a 130 ft. tall Flighthouse for zip lining and free fall jumps. For information about Harvest Caye click here.

For off-the-beaten-path Belize tours and trips, weddings, vow renewals or special events and parties, Romantic Travel Belize is at your service! RTB will arrange for pick up at he Cruise Ship terminal and whisk you away to a private day that will have your shipmates aching with envy. If you'd like to get married during your day trip to Belize, that's no problem! We will arrange for an expedited license and even arrange an afternoon reception to celebrate Belize-style before getting back to the ship.

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