II. Economic Policy & Development Priorities

The people and Government of Belize face a number of decisive challenges at this juncture in their history. Accordingly, the Government is committed to promoting the kind of socio-economic development which enhances the society's capacity to cope with these challenges, positions the country favorably in the international economy, while ensuring the improvement in the general level of welfare of the citizens.

The fact that a creative partnership must exist between the public and private sectors to achieve economic growth and development is recognized by the Government of Belize.

Consequently, it will continue to provide an enabling environment for private sector development so as to achieve sustained economic growth, real social growth and facilitate further diversification of the Belizean economy.

Belize offers excellent diver sified investment potential in a number of areas. Certainly the country's 809 thousand hectares (2.0 million acres) of arable land offers tremendous opportunities for investment in a variety of activities. Of particular interest are develop ments in these areas:

1) Agriculture
2) Agro-lndustries
3) Agro-Processing
4) Tourism
5) Mariculture
6) Horticulture
7) Light Manufacturing Industries
8) Forestry-Based Industries

A suggested list of areas for investment can be seen in appendix V(Investment Opportunities)

The Government proposes to achieve sustained economic growth, real social progress and diversi fication of the Belizean economy in several ways:

I ) Increased public investment in economic and social infrastructure, maintenance of assets and the satisfaction of the basic human needs;

2) Diversification of agriculture;

3) Legislation that encourages capital formation and industrial activities;

4) Development of our human resources and skills;

5) Building of a sound physical and social infrastructure;

6) Revitalizing a dynamic partnership between the public and private sectors

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