Just dying for breakfast while walking the beach in the morning? The reef is beautiful, the sun in warm, heck the water is warm! The birds are your friends, and you don't have to work today.

But wouldn't a nice glass of fresh squeezed fruit juice and some johnny cakes just hit the spot? And why leave the gorgeous scenery, just walk on over to Estel's Dine By The Sea. While viewing the spectacular Caribbean morning, you'll enjoy the best food in town, and we're here early every day. If you beat us here just have a seat and we'll be right along...

Charlie and Estella Worthington have been running this restaurant for many years, and we welcome you to come enjoy our authentic Caribbean dining. From breakfast burritos to fresh fish, tamales, frijos, and more.

Editors Note:
I do this website, AmbergrisCaye.com, and this is where I live for breakfast. I don't know what my recomendation is worth, but I've been a chef for my whole life, at fancy restaurants too! I just can't get over running out to get my toes wet while waiting for the food to get ready.

I often judge a place by its potatoes, cause I love a hearty breakfast. And these are the best in town. And the juices are amazing, fresh, alive with flavor. Some folks say don't eat the bacon in Belize, but I say to heck with that! I eat it all the time at Estel's, and its awesome! The kids love to chow on the french toast, and my wife loves the huevos rancheros, or the breakfast burrito. Meat and potatoes for this boy....

Lunch is also fantastic, and you are still on the beach! They serve a nice selection of chicken, rice and beans (or course!), burritos, sandwiches, hamburgers, all kinds of goodies. We can also fix for you some of the freshest catch of the day!

All the major downtown shops are a moments walk away, inclucing all the dive shops, and since we are one of the earliest opening places to eat, its a natural to come by and see us before that incredible diving day, or before you take to the jungle for an amazing trip through Mundo Maya.

We are enjoying every beautiful Belizean morning, just waiting to serve you some of the finest cuisine, along with the most incredible view you will ever have for dining.

Charlie Sr., Estella, and Charlie Jr. run this establishment, so when you are hungry, or just want to pause along the beach for coffee, look us up!

Here is their Facebook page.

Charlie and Estella Worthington
Phone +501-226-2019
P.O. Box 26
San Pedro, Belize
E-Mail - [email protected]

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