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The Sixth International San Pedro Sea & Air Festival

by Gach Guerrero, Chairman 1997 Festival

If there is one place in the Mundo Maya where the people are proud of their heritage it is San Pedro, on Ambergris Caye, Belize. In August 1991, the people of San Pedro started the International Sea & Air Festival, a six day event where all five Mundo Maya countries (Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico)come together to share their music, dance and culture.
The finale of the Guatemalan cultural presenation involved fireworks, some of which were strapped to the backs of the dancers.
It also gives the people of these five countries the opportunity to enhance their ties of brotherhood. Every year the festival is more colorful and bigger attracting both local and internal tourist. For the first time last year Reina de la Costa Maya International pageant was introduced and the representative of Mexico won the title. They paraded in their national costumes, swim wear, and evening gowns adding glamour and pageantry to the festival. This year Guatemala will open the festival with their rich marimba music and folklore dance of the Mayas of highland Guatemala.
Mexico will follow with their world fame Mariachis serenading the crowd along with dances of the Yucatecan Mayas.

Part of Mexico's cultural presentation.

Paloma Martin, a mariachi singer from Merida in the Mexican State of Yucatan was a popular entertainer.

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