the Guatemalan dancers
Friday, August 22

The Ballet Moderno y Folklorico de Guatemala presented a wonderful array of dances depicting the every day activities of the Guatemalan people, courtship, superstitious beliefs and the life of their Mayan ancestors. Guatemala night of course would not be complete without a few bangs. The crowd cheered loudly as the stage exploded with fire crackers and bright, noisy explosives the Guatemalan are so well known for.

El Ballet Moderno y Folklorico de Guatemala was created in 1964. Its function is to present Guatemalan culture through modern/contemporary and traditional dances. The Ballet represents Guatemala nationally and internationally and has performed in Europe, South, Central, and North America and the Caribbean. The group consists of 25 members; 12 dancers and 5 musicians represented Guatemala at the festival. Miss Lucia Armas, Director of the Ballet, explained why the festival was important to them. "The Sea and Air Festival is an excellent production which promotes performing artists and their culture. It is especially important because it is the celebration of an important aspect of life which binds all the neighboring countries of the Mundo Maya."

Los Unicornios from Guatemala

After the smoke cleared and the Ballet Moderno y Folklorico exited, Los Unicornios enveloped the stage. This large band of friends who gather to perform only on request and as a hobby, not as a profession, rendered a unique collection of songs for festival goers. Los Unicornios play flamenco and guitar music and were Sponsored by Guatemalan Embassador Señor Antonio Castellanos. Comparable to "Gypsy Kings" because of their wonderful style and unique talent they entertained with hits such as Bombolao and Volare. Delegates, locals and visitors gathered around the stage to exhibit their interpretation of the graceful flamenco dance.

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