No rain for Gran Banda

Gran Banda

Friday night, Honduras Night, was free of rain. Opening ceremonies commenced at 8:00 p.m. and MC Nuñez welcomed spectators to yet another night of celebration. The national anthems of Honduras and Belize were played and

MC Nuñez introduced the Ambassador of Honduras, Oscar Bueso. Ambassador Bueso, expressed his excitement and his pleasure in being at the festival. He wished everyone a good evening and hoped that they enjoyed the performances presented by the talented dancers and musicians of Honduras. Costa Maya Committee member, Lydia Chuc gave the welcoming address. She congratulated supporters of the festival for contributing to such a worthy cause and encouraged them to continue.

El Grupo de Dansas Folkloricos de Honduras

El Grupo de Dansas Folkloricas de Honduras performed during the cultural dance portion of the evening. The group's music was provided by their marimba band. Their opening and closing dances were a tribute to Honduras. They danced displaying a portrait of the Virgin Mary, their national flag and big blue letters spelling HONDURAS. Other dance pieces included the enactment of superstitious beliefs, legends and folklore songs. A folklore dance, performed to the song of El Vulture was especially liked by spectators. Three male dancers dressed as big black vultures danced on stage; while the lead dancer, dressed as a vulture with a big yellow beak, staggered through the audience. People laughed and cheered at his shenanigans. The dance group ended their presentation by inviting members of the audience to dance with them.

Aero-Caribe donated five round trip tickets from Belize to Cancun to the Costa Maya Festival. One of the tickets was raffled before the Gran Banda performed. The winning ticket belonged to Miss Melanie Halliday. The other winners were Thomas Paz Sr., Lydia Chuc and Marlenie Cocom.

The Gran Banda filled the stage with their presence after the dance group concluded their presentation. The vibrant young men of the band danced and sang non-stop until 3:30 a.m. Saturday morning. Two round trip tickets anywhere TACA flies were given as prizes to the two best dancers that evening. Five couples showed the cheering crowd what they were made of as they moved their bodies to the beat of the drums. The winners were the youngest couple, Pedro Lara and Claudia Victoria Badillo.

Garibaldi spelled out GLAMOUR with their performance

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