All Star Steel Band

The night set aside for the host country Belize was Saturday. This evening, the festival was attended by yet a larger crowd than the previous night.

To set the mood, the All Star Steel Band got the audience's attention with their intricate sounds. Taking over Belize's national dances were members of the San Pedro Dance Company, who performed an inspiring depiction of the ethnic groups that make up the rich culture of Belize.

Ugundani Dance Group
A very special presentation by the Ugundani Dance Group was an added attraction from the southern part of our country. The dancers skillfully performed to the rhythm of drums representing the Garifuna of Belize.

San Pedro Dance Company

Barbara's Dance Group also made their appearance and delighted the spectators with their dances and impressive costumes.

Gilharry 7, one of Belize's best bands, represented our country with their modern musical variety.

The band kept the group in a party mood until midnight when the crowd anxiously awaited the performance of Mexican superstars, Kairo. Fireworks signaled the arrival of the much anticipated group. The multitude congregated at the front of the stage to welcome Gabriel, Roberto and Paulo. As they made their appearance, thunderous applause and cheers filled the festival grounds. The one-hour show gave the festival attendees their money's worth. Three of the spectators even had the opportunity to meet the members on stage; one of them receiving a souvenir T-shirt from the group. Immediately after Kairo's performance, Gilharry 7 once again took the stage and entertained until the wee hours of the morning.

Many prizes were given throughout the festival. Two very noticeable ones were Belize Electricity Limited's raffle of a washer and dryer, won by Mrs. Nena Squires. The Ambergris Historical Society Museum also held a grand raffle with their main prize being a round trip to Houston, won by Mrs. Regina Salazar. Many say Saturday evening was one of the best of the festival.

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