Mauricio and the Reina de la Costa Maya contestants and 1998-1999 Queen Astrid Ramirez

Preliminaries: Mauricio Islas was invited to San Pedro to host the festival's opening night when the pageant takes place. The San Pedro Sun caught up with him later in the evening at the Holiday Hotel before his dinner engagement with the contestants of the Costa Maya Pageant. After several moments of pleasantries, we asked if he would mind us taking some photos of him and the Reina de la Costa Maya contestants for the newspaper, which he readily agreed to. To show the popularity of this international superstar, when he stood for his photo shoot with the San Pedro Sun, the rest of the crowd went wild. The crowd lined up behind with flashbulbs going off left and right as they vied to get a photo of him for their own personal files. On Monday, August 16th, coincidentally Mauricio's birthday, he spent time relaxing at his hotel and visiting sites around the island. In the evening, a special birthday dinner was enjoyed with some new acquaintances at Elvi's Kitchen.

Vanya Vasquez of Belize who won "Piel Coppertone."
On Tuesday, a special breakfast took place at Micky's Place in honor of the superstar. This breakfast, given by Hon. Patty Arceo and his Worship Mayor Alberto Nuñez, hosted invited guests Eileen Jamison and Felix Ayuso of the San Pedro Sun, Mauricio's entourage and Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hess of the United States. During breakfast, Mauricio commented on the great island atmosphere and the friendliness of its people. He said that the warmth he has felt is overwhelming.

First Runner-up in the pageant from El Salvador
Unfortunately, the first night was rained out and had to be cancelled until Wednesday, August 18th. Mauricio, who was scheduled to leave for Miami on this date, was gracious enough to re-arrange his schedule to fit the Costa Maya program. Mauricio's co-host for the evening was lovely Mrs. Wilema Alamilla Gonzalez, a former Miss San Pedro. The judges for the evening were Mariam Roberson from Belize, Carlos Morales from Guatemala, Fabiola Rodriguez from Venezuela, Peirro Vasquez from Grupo TACA and Janet Woollam from Canada.

Costa Maya Queen
On Wednesday, Guatemala Night, thousands witnessed the crowning of 1999 Costa Maya Queen, Miss Denisse Zarahid Guzman of Mexico. The pageant surpassed the audiences' expectations as the contestants proudly represented their country's names with dignity and pride.

During the evening the beauty contestants displayed their finest as they made their presentations in their national costume, swimsuit and evening gown. The pageant was highlighted by the presence of Mexican actor Mauricio Islas, who conducted the pageant. Acting as co-hostess was San Pedro's own beauty, Mrs. Wilema Alamilla Gonzalez.

Pageant Hosts Mauricio Islas and Mrs. Wilema Alamilla Gonzalez
Best Costume winner from the pageant from Guatemala with Mauricio

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