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Friday, August 8th
Opening Gala
Gates open at 7:30pm
Opening Ceremony

Cultural Presentation
Guatemala: Fabiola
San Pedro Dance Company
El Ballet Folklorico De La Secretaria De Cultura De Q. Roo, Mexico
Grupo de Danza de El Salvador

Mega Concert
Belize: Supa G
Honduras: Klan-Destinos
Reggaeton, Bachata, Salsa and Punta Rock


They were solo artists with successful careers, and individual styles. But in 1998, with their love for urban music, they took to heart the saying “Strength in Unity” and as such, fused their five individual talents to give power to one name, one idea and one nation: Honduras. They came together originally as “El Pueblo”, and through this group, they became widely known through the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Central America and the USA (from coast to coast). With a love for their audience and for performing with each other, this group captured much attention and fans.

    In time, because of differences with their managing company in 2007, they decided to make drastic changes, and changed their name, while discovering themselves and redefining who they had become through all the adventures they had been through as a group. As five people, they formed a “Clan”, and they have stayed together through “Destiny” (Destino), and as such, they decided to call themselves “Klan-Destinos.”

    They are all looking forward to a great run as Klan-Destinos, hoping that their fans can come to love their music and join them in this new journey they’ve embarked upon. With a fusion of Bachata and Reggaeton and Urban music, Klan-Destinos is now set to light the stage afire on Friday, August 8th, 2008 at the International Costa Maya Festival.

Belize: Super G

Super G is the son of Lazarus and Catherine Martinez from the beautiful village of Georgetown located in the Stann Creek District.

Super G spent most of his childhood in Santa Clara Village in the Corozal District. He graduated from Independence High School and moved to Dangriga in late 1994 and there began the birth of Super G’s career at the professional level.

Super became a member of Sound City Band which made him known and well loved by the people of Dangriga.

Super was and still is the most versatile artist in the country of Belize. He has had four number one hits in Guatemala and Mexico. To date he remains the biggest Belizean artist in these countries.

Super has performed in Mexico, Guatemala, St. Kitts, Jamaica and in the United States. This Belizean artist is an original member of one of the best Punta Bands ever; The Punta Rebels which reigned from 1997-2001.

Super has worked with several Artists such as Aziatic, Reckless, Andy Palacio, Nuru, Osca B, Leon Caldero, Adrian “Doc” Martinez and Loving Dear just to name a few.

When you speak of music, Super G’s name has to be mentioned. He is the meaning of entertainment, musical entertainment.

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