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Saturday, August 8th
International Night
Gates open at 7:30pm

Abner Babil – Reggae/Reggaeton (Belize)
D.C. Creation Dance Group (Salvador)
Banda Cubana (Cuba)
Cristian Castro

Abner Babil– singer/musician will take to the stage. Performances by La Alma Caribeña complete with feathered head-dresses and much more! Of course, the big show of the night will be the international performer Cristian Castro.

Cristian Castro

Abner Babil

Abner David Murillo, better known as Abner Babil, has had a passion for music for as long as he can remember. He started writing songs and rapping at the age of 12 and at the age of 13, he performed on stage for the first time. It was not until he was 14 that he started experimenting with Reggaeton, influenced by a Puerto Rican artist, Vico C. With a Hip Hop origin, a strong Reggaeton influence and living in the Caribbean growing up listening to Dancehall, his style and music are very versatile, hence the name of his upcoming Album "Versatile". Versatile will include songs such as "Like Damn"(mix of Reggaeton,Hip- Hop, Dacehall) "Versatile" (Hip-Hop/Rap) "Que Lindo Es Saber" (Reggaeton, Ballad) "No lo hagas" ft Supa Pro & The messenjah (Reggaeton, Hip- Hop, RnB) (new version) "So hot" ft 8 Stizzle (Dancehall, Reggaeton) "Tu eres" ft Mc loco" (Romantic Reggaeton) "I wanna be" (Inspirational Hip Hop w/ Chorus sung by Kids Choir) As well as many other songs all which are in the process of making/recording and Re-recording. "Versatile" was originally being recorded and mastered at Thugstyle Records, but is now being re-done at Oriade studio and Deady's Studio so as to have the best quality possible. The album is expected to be finished by the end of 2009, and two music videos are in plan for the album, one for "Like Damn" and one for "I wanna be".

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