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Ambergris Caye
Yesterday at 11:42 PM
Traffic Wardens needed. feel free to email [email protected] or drop by the San Pedro Town Council.
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Yesterday at 06:06 PM
Present Condition: A few light clouds on the mainland, mostly sunny in San Pedro. Moderate easterly airflow becoming less moist.

24hr Forecast: Sunny with a few cloudy spells during the daytime and cloudy skies at times tonight. Showers will be generally isolated.

Outlook: (Sun afternoon - midday Mon) Mainly fair with only isolated showers developing.

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A beautiful morning on the Riverside in Dangriga Town. Photo by Hopkins Uncut

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Goodmorning from beautiful Hopkins Village.

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Yesterday at 05:35 PM
The easterly Caribbean winds firmly in control and now pushing the heavy cloud away towards Mexico. There are patches of cloud in the Caribbean, and small patches or rain about at present.

Looks as if this present cloud will gradually thin out and some sunshine later, a low chance of sone rain.

Last Night Temperature 21 °C 70 °F Yesterday max. Temperature 27 °C 81 °F
Humidity 83% Pressure 1019 mBar hPa Yesterday Rain 0.2 mm ( 0.01 " ) Over Night Rain 0.3 mm ( 0.01 " )
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Yesterday at 12:39 PM

Nim Li Punit Mayan Ruins in Belize
A tour of the beautiful Mayan Archaeological Reserve of Nim Li Punit.
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Stann Creek
Yesterday at 12:35 PM
Get ready...It is coming soon.

[Linked Image]
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Ambergris Caye
Yesterday at 12:33 PM
[Linked Image]

To face drug possession and common assault charges

Canadian national Jasmine Hartin was back at the San Pedro Magistrate Court on Thursday, January 26th, to answer charges of Possession of a Controlled Drug and Common Assault. The court session involved presentations by Hartin’s legal team on the charge of Possession of a Controlled Drug after the Common Assault case was adjourned to March 8th. The presentations and submissions by Hartin’s attorney Ronell Gonzalez regarding the drug charge, attempted to dispute the evidence from the prosecution. The session spanned for almost two hours before the matter was adjourned to March 15th by the Magistrate.

The court hearing started around 3PM, with the Common Assault adjourned almost immediately. Hartin took her position inside the courtroom, and the prosecution started their presentation, focusing on the Possession of a Controlled Drug charge. The prosecution presented testimonies of a police officer on duty when Hartin was detained on May 28, 2021, after the fatal shooting of Superintendent Henry Jemmott. Hartin is also linked to his death and was charged with Manslaughter by Negligence. She is waiting to start a trial regarding that incident in April of this year.

The presentation by the prosecution via the witness indicated that Hartin was brought into the San Pedro Police Station around 1:50AM on May 28, 2021. She looked normal and was processed for detention following the incident in which Jemmott lost his life. The police said Hartin had a cream-colored bag they examined before her. Inside they found a clear Ziplock bag with a powdery substance suspected of cocaine. The police said Hartin was informed that she would be charged with possessing crack cocaine. The substance was weighed and placed in an envelope for testing.

Jasmine Hartin denied it was cocaine, and according to the witness, she refused to sign a document acknowledging the findings in her bag. However, she disputes this, claiming she was never asked to sign such a document. The police officer said he then signed as a witness. The suspected cocaine was reportedly sent to the Belize National Forensic Science Service Laboratory on May 29th. The results were available on June 28th when Senior Superintendent Christopher Noble picked up the certificate bearing the test results. The report allegedly indicates that the substance was cocaine. The prosecution submitted that due to those facts, there was enough evidence for such a certificate to be tender as an exhibit and used in court.

Click here to read the rest of the article in the San Pedro Sun
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Yesterday at 12:31 PM

Regional Pok-ta-pok Tournament to be Held in Belize in December 2023

Today, a press conference was held at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex to announce that a regional pok-ta-pok tournament will be hosted in Belize in December of this year. With the support from the Ministry of Sports, the National Sports Council and the Association of Pok-ta-pok of Central America and the Caribbean, the event will be held in Orange Walk. It’s an exciting time for stakeholders involved in the traditional Mayan sport because Belize currently holds the regional title as champion. News Five’s Duane Moody reports.

Duane Moody, Reporting

The Associacion Centroamericana y del Caribe del Deporte Ancestral de la Pelota Maya is bringing its pok-ta-pok competition to Belize. Preparations have been underway and will be ramped up over the next ten months, as the regional competition will be staged at the Multipurpose Sports Complex in Orange Walk Town from December seventh to the tenth, 2023. During a press conference today, Felicita Tun brought greetings from the village of Yo Creek, which she says is the cradle of the traditional Maya sport, pok-ta-pok.

Felicita Tun, Member, ACCDAPM

“We have revived the ancient Maya ballgame poktapok after being dormant for more than four hundred and fifty years in Belize. We have played and won pok-ta-pok with Associacion Centroamericana y del Caribe del Deporte Ancestral de la Pelota Maya in Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador. Now is the time for Belizeans to share the glory and continue our winning ways on our home soil.”

Seven countries will be participating in the regional competition and will include two male teams each and three female teams from Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.

Menalio Novelo, Member, ACCDAPM

“Each team is bringing two male teams so that’s a total of fourteen teams that are coming to the country, including female teams from Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. So we have three female teams that will be competing for the first ever. Like the president mentioned, we are making history. This is the first time that the Maya ballgame will be played in the female category in our country, Belize. Each team consists of six to eight players and so in total we will be hosting a good number of persons, athletes and all the officials coming out, around two hundred we are calculating that we will be hosting.”

Deputy Director of the National Sports Council Marvin Ottley says that it is a great day for sports in Belize. He zeroed in on the economic and tourism benefits associated with Belize hosting the regional event.

Marvin Ottley, Deputy Director, National Sports Council

“From the get-go we got onboard and we are trying to see how best we could not only provide facility space, but what we will do in regards to financial support to the games itself. You know sports have two components, it is not only the sporting aspect, but it is sports and tourism. Just from our recent symposium that was one of our main pillars that we said we were going to move sports forward in Belize and so this does bring a new light of sports and tourism into the country. So from the National Sports Council perspective we see it fit to give all the support we possibly can to make it possible here in Belize.”

The male team from Belize are the defending champions, having won the competition three consecutive times. They are going for a fourth win come December. Menalio Novelo speaks about the training routine that will continue through to game time.

Menalio Novelo

“It is going to be history and we are hoping that our teams will represent the country well.  My team, Ek-Balam, the champions, they are preparing to win the fourth world cup. I know it is not going to be easy, but we are training three times a week and we will try to bring the colours of Belize up again. We are very exciting and we are already starting working with youths and also with kids, working with them, so that when the time comes they will be able to represent our country.”

There will be trophies for first, second and third place teams. It is going to cost a minimum of about eighty-eight thousand dollars to put off the event and all assistance is welcomed.  Duane Moody for News Five.

Channel 5

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Yesterday at 12:26 PM
You've heard a few ministers lament that they may be losing some of their voters once the redistricting process has been completed. While they all say it's a necessary step, many politicians worry that their faithful and loyal voters may end up in another division.

And though the process should remain corruption free to be effective, with the known instincts of the PUDP, the possibility of gerrymandering is high. So today, the media asked the area rep for Lake Independence his thoughts on the matter.

Cordel Hyde. Minister of Lands
"It's always a temptation I would imagine. Anybody who gets power wants to stay in power, anybody who win elections want to win again. You don't get into loose, so ultimately, we have to be careful though; we have to make sure that we be fair, not we, but the people who are responsible for that have to make sure that they do things the right way, that it is done fairly, that whatever changes are made makes sense and past the smell test, so to speak. More than likely whatever is the final result is going to end up in court. That's my gut feeling, but ultimately we have to get this right."

Channel 7
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Yesterday at 12:24 PM

Justice for Laddie! That's been the battle cry of the youth movements that rose up in the wake of the killing of Laddie Gillett. Laddie is the fourteen year old boy who became a martyr for police brutality when he was allegedly shot in the back on a beach in Placencia by Corporal Akeem Martinez in July of 2021.

And this morning as Martinez's trial began, Laddie Gillett's best friend Thomas Palacio, who was with Laddie when he died, was the trial's first witness.

He was examined and cross examined by the prosecution and defense but held strong to the story he's told for the last two years, that Laddie was killed by an officer in what they thought was an attack by criminals.

I traveled to Dangriga for the proceedings.

Corporal Kareem Martinez's trial in the Manslaughter of Laddie Gillett started in earnest this morning in Dangriga town. And no sooner had it started did the cops demonstrate that this is no ordinary trial, it's one where the cops expect a volatile environment.

But there's also Laddie's two families, the foster family who've built a foundation in his name.

And the biological mother who came to court to find out the fate of her son's alleged killer.

On a break from proceedings this morning we asked the Bradley-Fleming's for their initial reactions to what was happening inside the court.

Emil Bradley, Laddie's Foster Dad
"Well, at this point in time it's a big relief to know that it started after for such a long time.So far it's going good so far. We cannot say at this point in time if it will really favor us, I mean it's too young to say. It's too early to say but we will just wait for the outcome and see what happens."

But this morning biggest surprise was the appearance in court of attorney Richard "Dickie" Bradley. And no, he's not the defense attorney, he was instead hired by Laddie's foster family to review the case and advise the prosecution.

Lucy Fleming, Laddie's Foster Grandmother
"Well, I think he will be a guide actually for the attorney and for ourselves, he's you know, he is very experienced, and he's very wise, so we just we know him, we've know him with Richard Foster he assisted us with that case and so he actually said you know look I'm prepared to help you and he came to us and did offer his assistance to us and we agreed that he would be the best possible person to have on our side at this point in time so we are appreciative of him."

Also in court the accused Kareem Martinez plead not guilty to the charge of Manslaughter. Laddie's foster dad said he didn't expect anything less.

Emil Bradley, Laddie's Foster Dad
"Well, I was expecting it. I mean first of all like I said I mean if he had really cared about what he did, or if he was sorry about what he did he would have contacted the family by some means, his uncle did it. There were ways how he could have contacted us and at least said that he was sorry or something like that but so far nothing and then to come back and to plead not guilty it makes me think that you are not sorry of what you did, you are not sorry for what you did your actions I mean, so yeah let's just hope it favors us in the end."

That perception was only reinforced today but began in the early stages of the department's proceedings against Martinez.

Lucy Fleming, Laddie's Foster Grandmother
"So if he pleaded against his dismissal way back then when he was only on interdiction and we were saying why is he still walking around being paid and then he was actually told no, that's it you are now being let go. He decided to take that to court as well."

And today, on the first day of the long awaited trial we the public are forced to ask ourselves, what does Justice for Laddie really mean?

As far as the foundation is concerned, one thing it doesn't mean is a lesser charge for a fine.

Lucy Fleming, Laddie's Foster Grandmother
"That was what we wouldn't be surprised if we hear for a lesser plea bargain and that would not really be justice as far as we are concerned, that he can walk away with just a fine having been free these 18 months while Laddie lies cold in his grave. So, really the end of the day we would like to see him at least do some jail time, at least be tried and convicted for manslaughter that is our hope."

But despite that hope proceedings inside the court had already began to be concerning this morning as the defense questioned witnesses about the dark and windy whether on the night that Laddie was killed.

Emil Bradley, Laddie's Foster Dad
"Well, I wouldn't want to say early at this time but yes there are concerning questions that his attorney Mr. Selgado has brought up. I know exactly where he is trying to head and little things like these, these little technicalities are things that cause them to get off so I am a bit worried like I said, I see where he is going. It's young but I see what he is trying to get at. It's so hard so we just have to wait until the end."

"Sometimes you expect a conviction and when you see he walks off free, I hope that this is not the case, with Laddie's case because like I said after the trial, that will determine where we stand and the action we will take because like I said we want justice and a lesser charge to manslaughter we will not settle for it."

Paramilitary Presence Outside Court; Have Police Learnt Anything?

And in between court sessions this morning we asked Laddie's foster family what they thought of all the police activity that descended upon the court this morning.

It was notable because the victim was an innocent 14 year old boy, while the alleged perpetrator was a 27 year old Corporal. And today, the presence of more armed police - while it may have been necessary - seemed to some to hit an off note. After all, it's not just Martinez on trial, but an entire mode of policing young black men that led to this fatal shooting.

Here's what the family told us about the heavy police presence:

Emil Bradley, Laddie's Foster Dad
"Well, you know we are people, we don't believe in violence, we are trying to settle this as peaceful as possible but they know what they did and they know why they are expecting what they are expecting why they come out in such numbers but we, at this point in time. We noh den pain dat. We no den fi give trouble right now, men ah say it ina Kriol we noh di give trouble right now we just want to listen and allow the justice to take it's course."

Lucy Fleming, Laddie's Foster Grandmother
"We had called for, if there were going to be any demonstrations today, we put out a media release calling for peace because after all we've come here through violence. We are here because of violence. It's the last thing we want, I was quite shocked to tell you the truth I thought oh my goodness. Here is someone who took down a fourteen year old boy being protected by big police men with armaments, it did seem quite unfair to me, you know in the grand scheme of things."

Martinez's trial began today and resumes Monday. It is expected to continue up until Friday of next week.

Channel 7

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Yesterday at 12:19 PM
Through a partnership with the European Union, the Government of Belize has made another step in its commitment to strengthening citizen security. The National Forensic Science Service (NFSS) now has a newly established histopathology and toxicology laboratory. The lab now enables the NFSS to provide services that will increase the reliance of the courts on forensic reports and bolster the delivery of justice in Belize.

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Yesterday at 12:17 PM
The stationary front "Nicté" (number. 27) has dissolved. Accordingly, a gradual increase in temperature is forecasted throughout the region due to the return of warm winds from the east

[Linked Image]
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Yesterday at 12:17 PM

Belize Weather Forecast: January 28, 2023

General Situation:
Ambergris Caye: Conditions this morning by Elbert just after this post!
Belize NMS: Present Condition: Light clouds cover the central part of the country, therwise mostly clear skies. Mostly sunny in San Pedro. A moderate easterly airflow prevails. Conditions becoming less moist over our area.
Advisories: None.
24-hour forecast: Cloudy at times tonight and sunny with a few cloudy spells tomorrow. Showers will be isolated; except for a few more over northern and some coastal areas tonight.
Winds: E-NE, 10-20 kts
Sea State: Moderate
Waves: 4-6 ft
Sea Surface Temperature (°f): 81
Outlook: (Sat night & Sun) Mainly fair with only isolated showers developing.
Sargassum Forecast from January 24 to February 1: Latest satellite imagery and surface observations show a slight increase in sargassum over the area and therefore there is now a medium chance of new sargassum mats landing on local beaches across the country during the next few days. San Pedro has a medium probability with a moderate impact.
Tropical Weather Outlook: he 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season has ended, warnings will resume on May 15, 2023. Click for more of the tropical weather outlook...

Marine Conditions:

The Caribbean Sea

There is a Gale Warning near the coast of Colombia.

A fair NE to ENE trade-wind regime continues for the entire basin. Outside the Gale Warning area, fresh to strong NE to ENE winds with 8 to 10 ft seas are present at the south-central basin. Fresh to locally strong NE winds and seas at 5 to 8 ft exist at the north-central basin. Moderate to fresh easterly winds and seas of 3 to 5 ft prevail for the remainder of the basin.

For the forecast, gale ENE trades at the south-central Caribbean Sea will decrease to between fresh and strong by mid morning. They will reach gale force again this evening, and possible Sun evening. Fresh to strong easterly trades will prevail south of Cuba and near the Windward Passage through Sun, and across the north-central Caribbean through the forecast period. The stationary front just south of western Cuba has dissipated.

  High Low
Coastal 29° C
84° F
24° C
75° F
Inland 31° C
88° F
20° C
68° F
Hills 24° C
75° F
18° C
64° F
Low: 8:57 AM High: 3:03 PM
Low: 10:35 PM High: 4:40 AM (Sun)
Sunrise: 6:25 AM Moonrise: 11:32 AM
Sunset: 5:45 PM Moonset: 12:37 AM (Sun)

Four Day Weather Outlook:


250 Km Radar Picture
(Time Label on picture is GMT. Local time is GMT-6 Hours)

For more information, check the Daily Tropical Weather Outlook.

Climate Prediction Center’s Central America Hazards Outlook

Belize National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO)

Ambergris Caye:

Philip S W Goldson International Airport:


Caye Caulker:

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Yesterday at 12:00 PM
It’s a gorgeous day. Photo by San Pedro Scoop

[Linked Image]

A moment in Hopkins Village.

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Yesterday at 11:58 AM
The fifth Pok-ta-Pok World Cup will be hosted for the first time in Orange Walk, Belize. The tournament will be organized by the Central American and Caribbean Association of the Ancestral Sport of the Maya Ballgame (ACC-DAPM). The opening ceremonies will be held on December 8, 2023 at the Orange Walk Multipurpose Sporting Complex. Two male teams from seven regional countries, the largest number yet, will compete. For the first time, female teams will compete and there will be women’s teams from Belize, Mexico, and Guatemala. Each team has 6 to 8 members, and some 200 people are expected to be in Sugar City for the tournament.

Felicita Cantun and Menalio Novelo, both from Yo Creek, Orange Walk, have had major roles in reviving the ancient Maya ballgame. Cantun spoke of asking Belizeans to support the tournament, while Novelo assured that the team is ready to compete for their fourth straight world cup title.

Deputy Director at the National Sports Council, Marvin Ottley, says that his council was behind the idea from they first heard it. He says supporting this world cup tournament falls in line with their goals for sports in Belize.

Cantun says that the tournament will cost just under $90,000 and hopes that the business community could assist. The tournament will also include an individual tournament called Shot on the Hoop, which will test participating players’ ability to put the rubber ball through the hoop.



3-Time Poktapok Champs Playing On Home Court In December

The ancient sport of Poktapok is slowly being revived and as three time champs, the Belize Poktapok Association is planning to host this year's tournament. It will be held in Orange Walk in early December and the team is confident it will be able to be the first ever four-time champs.

However, the tournament comes at a pretty penny - the Association estimates that it will cost over $88,000 to host approximately 200 people from several different countries in the region. They're hoping that by raising awareness of the importance of bringing back this sport, the business community will support them.

Today, they held a press conference where they told us more about the upcoming tournament.

Belize, Mexico, and Guatemala will all have - for the first time - female teams, and they will be playing under the same rules as the male teams.

Channel 7
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