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From Belmopan...

There were many ITCZ swellups along the Honduras coast and north Yucatan over night and others developed nearer and over Belize during the night, causing rain in many areas. There is still a patchy line of rain coming in over central Belize, but reducing. The Caribbean air has a lot of cloud chunks in it, particularly coming in towards south Belize, so the could cause rain later today. The high level SW cloud is now thinning.

Looks like today is going to be rather mixed, patches of cloud, some heavy, some sunshine and possible rain this afternoon.

Temperatures in Belmopan :
( Coast usually cooler, hills even cooler ) Last night min. 24°C 76°F Yesterday max. 32°C 80°F

Ambergris Caye:;loctype:1
Caye Caulker:

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Diane, maybe it's been awhile since you were in SoCal..... This has to be the Sante Fe Depot in San Diego along with the San Pedro Port and Pacific Inn Suites.... We know all three pretty well.... Funny how often the two get mixed up, even on the All Might Trip Advisor..... wink
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Channel 5

Stake Bank Cruise Port to Break Ground in August
The Stake Bank Cruise Port is finally getting off almost a decade after it was first conceived and introduced by developer Michael Feinstein.  The proposal to construct a cruise ship [...]

Stake Bank to Proceed Without Controversial Causeway
The project will see the employment of hundreds of local laborers in erecting the twin piers, as well as the structures on the island.  Once completed, however, Stake Bank will [...]

Is the Proposed Cayo Rosario Development Massive?
In another tourism development, two months ago we reported on the proposed development at Cayo Rosario in San Pedro. Tourism stakeholders, fishermen and residents are opposed to the development of [...]

David Gegg’s GST Appeal Case Heard by the CCJ
A peculiar case was argued before the Caribbean Court of Justice today. It boils down to whether or not local tour operators must pay GST though cruise lines are exempted.  [...]

S.C. Eamon Courtenay: This is Not a Case of Tax Avoidance
Representing David Gegg and his two companies is Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay.  Courtenay made the point that this is not a case in which Gegg is avoiding to pay tax, [...]

Week Two of Re-registration: 35,951 More Applications Submitted
There are some hitches in the ongoing mass registration exercise, but indications are that the flow of electors is steady.  In the week of July eighth and fourteenth, nineteen thousand [...]

An Update on Choice Bank’s Crippling Afflictions
Late this evening, the Central Bank of Belize issued a statement with updates to the predicament that Choice Bank finds itself in. According to the Central Bank of Belize, liquidator [...]

Shane Vellos says Cop Broke His Arm!
Shane Vellos says Placencia Police locked him up last Thursday evening because someone named him in a theft. The twenty-one-year-old says that he was wrongly accused and later released without [...]

A Caretaker is Charged for the Predawn Burglary of Portofino on Ambergris Caye
Portofino Resort on northern Ambergris Caye was burglarized in the predawn hours of Sunday, the thief making off with a pair of strong boxes containing sixteen thousand dollars in various [...]

Cayo Central Area Rep. Says Naturalized Guats. Should be Allowed to Re-register
It is likely that the latest re-registration figures released by the Elections and Boundaries Department include applications submitted by naturalized Guatemalans. As the process continues, several groups are opposing the [...]

Rene Montero Says ‘Yes’ To the ICJ
We also asked Cayo Central Area Representative, Rene Montero, whether he supports taking the Belize Guatemalan dispute for resolution by the International Court of Justice. It is no secret that [...]

The Race for UDP Leadership Intensifies
The race for leadership of the United Democratic Party has been ramped up with Belmopan Area Representative John Saldivar putting together a fantasy league of U.D.P. standard bearers ahead of [...]

7th Cohort of Belize Bank Scholarship Recipients are Recognized
A group of twenty students and their families gathered today at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City. The happy occasion was the award of the Belize Bank scholarships [...]

Gusty Winds Flip Tropic Air’s Plane in Guatemalan Airport
An airplane belonging to Tropic Air was flipped by gusty winds in Guatemala. Reports from Peten are that strong winds caused the plane, which was parked at the Mundo Maya [...]

Shaphan Domingo Needs Your Help!
Shaphan Domingo was only twenty years old when he was shot four times. One of the bullets hit his spine and left him paralyzed and eventually he lost both legs. [...]

K4 Donates Footwear to Liberty Children’s Home
Young children living at Liberty Home will be benefitting from a generous donation from K-Four, a U.S. based organization with roots in Belize.  The facility provides a safe home for [...]

KTV the Remix; What It Takes to Keep Your Favourite Singer
Momentum is building up for tonight’s KTV Remix which gets underway at eight-thirty tonight at the Bliss. Now, the show promises to be a nail-biter because this early in the [...]


35,951 applications received for Re-registration exercise
The Government is trying it’s best to rebuild the lists of people living in constituencies across the country that could have the most significant impact on the results of the next General Elections, as you know people have a tendency to vote in areas where they grew up rather than where they currently live. The …

Stake Bank Cruise Port funding is secured; construction to commence this year
The 50 million US dollar project that was rejected by environmentalists for potential impact on manatees and welcomed by tourism stakeholders in the Belize District is finally getting positive feedback. Funding has been secured for the construction of the Stake Bank Cruise Port. The announcement was made today by developers, Stake Bank Enterprise Limited, a …

Central Bank of Belize says it operated within the laws when dealing with the Choice Bank crisis
The Central Bank of Belize issued a statement late this evening addressing the ongoing Choice Bank crisis. The statement did not directly address the open letter to the Prime Minister Dean Barrow by Panamanian Attorney Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb. As we last reported, Gottlieb wrote a letter to Prime Minister Barrow on behalf of a “large …

Islander is charged for burglarizing Portofino Resort on San Pedro
San Pedro Police have arrested and charged 33-year-old Israel Murillos for burglary. Murillos was detained following the burglary of Portofino Resort located at six and a half Miles North of San Pedro Town over the weekend. The Manager of the resort, Raul Rodriguez told police that on Sunday morning between one and two o’clock, someone …


Panamanian attorney wants CB Governor, Joy Grant, fired
Choice Bank, an offshore bank located on Marine Parade, has been the subject of media coverage a few times of late due to its liquidation predicament, which prevented the bank’s clients from being able to make withdrawals from the bank. On June 6, we learned that a client had filed a sworn affidavit claiming that Choice Bank was planning to wind down by the end of the month, which would result in the loss of substantial funds for the depositors. However, Central Bank of Belize, which regulates all banks, including Choice Bank, released a statement on June 7, saying that, as of May, it had started executing preventative and corrective actions to ensure that Choice Bank could continue to address its customers’ financial needs and concerns.

Canadian man, 21, charged for Pasadina Bar murder
On Sunday morning, April 15, a female bartender at Pasadina Bar, located in Ranchito, Corozal District, was attempting to close the main entrance to the bar when a man wearing a mask appeared with a sawed-off shotgun. Emmanuel Evan Sosa, 38, intervened on the woman’s behalf. An argument ensued between Sosa and the masked man, before the masked man shot the Good Samaritan dead and then fled. Last week, police’s investigation of the homicide led them to arrest a Canadian man, George Bednarik, 21, who reportedly had been residing in the village. Reportedly, Bednarik’s mother is a resident of Ranchito.

Motorcyclist collides with bus and dies
Another motorcyclist lost his life around 5:10 p.m. on Sunday when he collided with a bus between Miles 20 and 21 on the Hummingbird Highway, in the Valley Community area. Ian Hines, the bus driver, said that he was driving in a south-to-north direction while Albert Idelfonso, 22, a resident of Dangriga Town, was driving his motorcycle in the opposite direction. According to Hines, Idelfonso overtook two vehicles, but then collided with the front of the bus.

Shoshana Moody, 32 fined $15,000 for manslaughter by negligence
Shoshana Moody, 32, an employee of Choice Bank, was fined $5,000 by Madam Justice Marilyn Williams on Friday, July 13, after she pleaded guilty to manslaughter by negligence for the death of Chinese businessman, Liang Sheng Chen, who was knocked down by a silver SUV driven by Moody around 6:27 a.m. on August 11, 2012. Moody was also ordered to pay $10,000 in compensation to Chen’s estate. She was given until January 1, 2019, to pay both the fine and compensation. If she defaults on payment of the fine, she will serve a sentence of 6 months imprisonment. Failure to pay the compensation will result in a case of distress.

Crop-duster crashes in More Tomorrow
Today, sometime after 9:15 a.m., there was an aircraft accident near the More Tomorrow Village. Police and Civil Aviation personnel visited the area, where Henry Plett, the pilot, told them that while flying a crop-duster to spray the rice fields in the area, the crop-duster began to have mechanical problems. Plett said that he then attempted to land the crop-duster, but in the process, it crashed. He immediately exited the aircraft, which then burst into flames.

Diaspora Belizeans providing diabetes education at home
Belizeans in the diaspora have been making incalculable contributions to the development of Belize for a number of years in many areas. In their own way, many of these Belizeans are finding their way back home and are transferring their valuable skills and resources for the benefit of Belize. At a reception Friday night for members of the New York Belize Diabetes Association, (NYBDA) a group made up of mostly qualified healthcare professionals, leaders of the organization told Amandala about the work that they have undertaken to provide education to Belizeans suffering from the often devastating condition of diabetes.

CYDP Sports Summer Camp 2018
The CYDP (Conscious Youth Development Programme) held its two-week Under 15 Summer Camp from July 2 – 13 at the Yarborough Court and Field. The Camp had 100+ kids who participated in life skills through sports and swimming lessons (provided by Belize Defence Force personnel). After daily life-skills training, the youths played football and basketball competitions; and at the end of the Camp, awards and medals were issued for performance along with back-to-school supplies.

Firms Basketball League Week 3 scores
After a week’s break in the tournament, the Firms Basketball League (FBL) bounced back into action last week with games on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Swift Hall court. The first two weeks of the tournament were played at the Civic Center. In the opener on Thursday night, Diginet defeated Police, 64-57. Diginet was led by Lupita Acosta 18 pts 5 rebs, and Jason Vasquez 13 pts 13 rebs; while Police had Marcus Lewis with 25 pts 10 rebs, and Sheldon Williams 9 pts 10 rebs. And in the nightcap, it was Dragons, 75-71, over Belize Bank Bulldogs. Balanced scoring for the Dragons saw Eyan Rene with 18 pts 11 rebs, Sydney Bradley 14 pts 5 rebs, Andrew Vasquez 14 pts 16 rebs, and Kevin Hamilton 12 pts rebs; while the Bulldogs were led by Lincey Lopez 18 pts 4 rebs, Earl Johnson 11 pts 10 rebs, and Jamal Augustine 10 pts 7 rebs.

Anglican Church Criterium winners
The 6th Annual Anglican Church Criterium was originally scheduled for June 15 of this year, but was postponed until yesterday, Sunday, July 15, when the cycle races in different categories were held on the Albert/Regent Streets Circuit, starting at 11:00 a.m. The various race categories, with the exception of kids under 12 years, did different numbers of laps on the Albert/Regent Streets Circuit; the under 12 kids took a shorter route through Dean Street. (Note: CFB – Cycling Federation of Belize; WW – Weekend Warriors)

FFB to appoint normalizing committee for Toledo Football Association
The Executive Committee of the Football Federation of Belize (FFB), at a meeting held on July 10, 2018, passed a motion to appoint a normalization committee to run the affairs of the Toledo Football Association (TFA). The decision was primarily made after the composition of the TFA Executive degenerated to an unacceptably low number of active officers, which contravenes the statutes for the transaction of the association’s business. A (3) three-person normalizing committee will be put in place to administrate the daily affairs of the TFA, work closely with the TFA General Secretary, the Technical Officer and the Administrative officer. The committee is also tasked to organize the process for conducting the elections of a new TFA Executive.

Editorial: Independence, in retrospect
As Belize headed into the critical general election of 1979, the ruling People’s United Party (PUP), under the leadership of Premier George Cadle Price, was calling for political independence as soon as possible, and publicly lamenting that independence had been so long delayed, for more than a decade in fact. On the other hand, the Opposition United Democratic Party (UDP), under the leadership of the attorney Dean Russell Lindo, was saying that Belize should wait ten years before entering independence, because the country was not sufficiently developed economically. It appeared that the Guatemalan oligarchy and military preferred the UDP’s position on independence to the PUP one, because all the indications were that they preferred for the UDP to come to power.

From the Publisher
Several months ago, some people decided that it was in line with their agenda to create a fake news website which declared that yours truly was one of the ten richest men in Belize. The sinister aspect of the website was that it appeared during a period when the Kremandala institutions were actually battling for their financial life, in a collapsing Belizean economy. We have said to you before that by the latter part of 2016 we had become aware that there was some kind of organized, concerted attack on our Southside businesses, an attack which involved the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP). It may have been that these offensives began as early as late 2013 or early 2014 (in the wake of the Elvin Penner passport scandal), but it was not until late 2016 that we became entirely convinced of the existence of an all-out conspiracy against us.

Quo Vadis, Belice?
Dear Editor, All is not well in The Jewel. Inflation fueled by crushing and ever increasing taxation is driving more of us into poverty on a daily basis. Corruption at all levels is the order of the day. Crime of all types including an unprecedented number of homicides and home invasions overwhelms us like a runaway train. This has been especially true since the legalization of cannabis, as was the case in Jamaica until they repealed the law. We suffer under senseless draconian Napoleonic gun laws under which the criminals find it easier to bear arms than the law-abiding citizen, yet this has utterly failed to reduce the killings.

Calumny of a quisling?
Dear Editor, So, our illustrious Foreign Minister refers to Belizean patriots as “crazy.” He should be careful about name calling. This is the same character who violated the trust the Belizean people placed in him to represent their best interests, and instead has bent his efforts toward helping the Guatemalans abscond with land title to Belize. He blathers on about what a great and kind and good neighbor Guatemala has been to us. Has he never viewed the havoc the Guatemalans are wreaking in our national forests?

BCC’s impressive housing initiative
We shouldn’t let it just go by, this initiative by the Belize City Council (BCC) to design a low cost house for people who want to own a home but are not exactly rolling in cash. There’s a Ministry of Housing (national government), and/so the business of getting houses built is not really the territory of municipal government. But the housing situation in Belize being so dire, and there not being much of a national response, someone had to light a candle. The BCC deserves big points for the effort. A signature piece of the PUP manifesto, 1998-2003, was to see the construction of 10,000 houses in the country. I recall that the Cuban government stepped up to assist, with a factory that produced a house we called the Cubel. I never saw the Cubel house “factory” at work, but I know the factories (2?) were here because I read about it. The Cubels couldn’t have caught on though, because after a time there wasn’t much discussion about them.

Belizeans in Los Angeles, California came out to the Belize Diaspora Town Hall that was held on Sunday, July 1, 2018 at the Holy Name of Jesus School in Los Angeles, addressing the Belize Re-registration process by the government of Belize on July 2, 2018 that will shut out thousands of Belizeans living abroad in the United States and across the world in the Belizean diaspora from the Belize electoral process. The critical issue will prepare the Belizean electorate in Belize to vote in the April 10, 2019 Belize referendum that will decide if Belizeans want the Anglo-Guatemalan claim of Belize to go for adjudication to the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

The inspirational journey of Kaedhyn Williams
Her eyes twinkled with confidence and her smile enveloped the room as she exclaimed her future goals and intentions. Kaedhyn Williams is an 11-year-old Belizean American who is the oldest child of Belizean parents Marvin Williams and Tamarah Major Williams, who recently became the recipient of the prestigious scholarship of the Carson Scholars Fund. Kaedhyn, a 7th grade student at Fulton & Alsbury Academy of Arts and Engineering in Lancaster, California, has all the reasons to be ecstatic. The remarkable journey of Kaedhyn began with the challenge of being born with Spinal Bifida, which affected her ability to walk. She had to endure several major and delicate surgeries over her childhood to correct the condition. Then she had to learn how to walk independently and use a brace daily that required assistance in putting on and taking off. While this is a lot for any human being to deal with, Kaedhyn Williams not only endured, survived and excelled but went above and beyond.

Long re-registration lines in Buena Vista trigger police presence
A number of stories about various incidents are being spawned on a daily basis since the re-registration exercise began at the start of the month. In Buena Vista village, which lies in the Toledo East constituency, there have been daily long lines that on two occasions, because of the length of the lines, led to police being called in to monitor the situation and keep the peace. The chairman of Buena Vista requested the presence of the police for safety reasons, beginning last Wednesday, a reliable source confirmed to us.

Re-trial of 3 men accused of 2012 murder of ex-BDF concludes
The second murder trial of three men ended today, Monday, and Supreme Court Justice Colin Williams, who heard the case sitting without a jury, has indicated that he will issue his ruling on Wednesday, July 18. The three men, Tyrone Meighan, Brandon Baptist and Orel Leslie, were accused of the November 23, 2012 murder of James Noralez, an ex-Belize Defence Force soldier, whose body was found dumped near the junction of Fabers Road and the George Price Highway, riddled with bullets.

Jermaine Moody, 30, convicted of manslaughter
Today, after hearing pleas for mitigation, Justice Adolph Lucas set Friday, July 27, as the date for the sentencing of Jermaine Moody, 30, who was found not guilty of murder, but guilty of manslaughter for the death of Moses Coc, 31, which occurred on September 13, 2014, in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye. Two character witnesses testified on Moody’s behalf. The first was Leny Jo Garnett, 35, a standard 6 teacher at Hummingbird Primary School, and she said that she has known Moody for over 10 years, and during that time, he was very jovial, quiet and compassionate.

Rudolph Welcome, 18, accused of attempted murder, released on bail
Rudolph Welcome, 18, a resident of Roaring Creek who was remanded into custody on a charge of attempted murder, was released on a bail of $8,000 with 2 sureties that were offered to him by Madam Justice Antoinette Moore on Friday, July 13. The bail was granted on several conditions. One of them was that Welcome is not to interfere with the complainant, Eugene Henderson, 22, in any way. Neither is he to interfere with any of Henderson’s friends or family members.

Belizeans in the diaspora have been making incalculable contributions to the development of Belize for a number of years in many areas. In their own way, many of these Belizeans are finding their way back home and are transferring their valuable skills and resources for the benefit of Belize. At a reception Friday night for members of the New York Belize Diabetes Association, (NYBDA) a group made up of mostly qualified healthcare professionals, leaders of the organization told Amandala about the work that they have undertaken to provide education to Belizeans suffering from the often devastating condition of diabetes.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Orange Walk’s PLAY visits the Belize Zoo
The Belize Zoo hosted Rebecca Hernandez, her husband Alex and daughter Amy for their Summer reading […]

Strong winds flip parked Tropic Air plane in Guatemala
According to reports, a Tropic Air plane with flights from Belize City to Flores, Guatemala flipped over […]

Summer camp concludes at Yarborough
Children and youths countrywide are engaged in summer programs and vacation classes. The Ministry of Human Development, […]

Re-Registration of Electors – Registration Centers
The public is hereby notified that the below-mentioned list of Registration Centers will be opened to facilitate […]

US Embassy Chargé d’Affaires bids farewell to Belize
During her time as the United States Embassy’s Chargé d’Affaires, Adrienne Galanek became a familiar face […]

Monkey River villagers concerned about erosion
Villagers from Monkey River, Toledo, are reportedly concerned by rapidly increasing soil erosion occurring along […]

Green Climate Fund workshop hosted in Belmopan
The Government of Belize, through the Ministry of Economic Development and Petroleum (MEDP), is hosting a […]

Councilor Micah Goodin: Belize City Council basketball tournament a success
The Belize City Council is moving smoothly into the second week of its summer basketball tournament. […]

Between these lines…The 2 million dollar dialysis question!
The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize […]

Feinstein group announces start of Stake Bank construction
The Feinstein Group, led by investor Michael Feinstein, has announced that the long-awaited Stake Bank […]

Belize Bank issues scholarships
Today the Belize Bank distributed scholarships to 20 students at a ceremony held at the […]

Integrity and Election commission members sworn in
The Governor General of Belize H.E. Colville Young swore in four Belizeans as Commission members […]

Over 35,000 Belizeans have Re-registered
The Elections and Boundaries Department today issued an update on the ongoing re-registration exercise for […]

Mother and son graduate together from Galen University
Galen University in Belize held their 15th Commencement exercise on Sunday, July 17, and for […]

Buena Vista man died of natural causes
On Sunday, BBN reported that a man was found dead inside his home in Buena Vista […]

The William Mason saga: Two years later
Two years have passed since the horrific murder of Dangriga pastor Llewellyn Lucas, and while a […]

Police arrest man for burglarizing a San Pedro Resort
Yesterday, police responded to a burglary report at the Portofino Resort in San Pedro, where Raul […]


Two Iconic Islanders Need Your Help – Maria and Coconut Leo
Sometimes life throws a curve ball your way and you have to do what you can to survive. As was the case of Maria the fruit/juice lady, a global favorite. Both my friend Jenna and I were happy to see she and the family fruit stand landed in a new location after both her home and her business were forced to move at the same time. Maria’s new location is a bit farther south from her old one which was across from Isla Bonita Yacht Club. From town, If you go past Banana Beach Resort and just a little more past Royal Palm Villas then look right at the corner of the road leading to Escalante on the west side of the road you will see it. Next came a less happy tour for another iconic San Pedrano as we took the back road to San Pedrito to see the shell of Coconut Leo’s house burned down house. If you do not know, on July 8th Coconut Leo’s house burned to the ground while he (luckily) was not home. Leo had been living rent-free on the property for the last 7 years. Leo’s uncle David has lived on the same property longer than Leo and his house was also damaged and in need of repair. David does pay some rent but up until recently, he was also living there rent-free.

Miraculous Turneffe Atoll: Unparalleled Beauty, A Dream Property and A Massive Hotel
A coral atoll in itself is quite miraculous. A circle of microscopic polyps clinging to each other and rising up on the edges of ancient volcanos or shifting fault blocks – braving winds, deep water waves and storms – over thousands and millions of year. Belize is so blessed. Tiny Belize has three atolls off her shores – Lighthouse (home of possibly the most famous sinkhole in the world), Glover’s Atoll and Turneffe. Sunday I headed out to the largest atoll – over 30 miles from south to the northern lighthouse. An early morning start with the water taxi from San Pedro to Belize City (1.5 hours) and then catching a chartered ride from the city to our final destination.

A jewish wedding at Victoria House Resort by Romantic Travel Belize
Romantic Travel Belize is a company in Belize that organize weddings and private events. Their work is amazing and the owner personally is taking care of every detail. As usual, Danielle’s and Nathan’s wedding was a success… I will let the photos speak for this wedding.

7 Belize Barrier Reef Facts Every Scuba Diver Should Know About
With hundreds of islands and thousands of dive sites, it's no wonder that the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Belize Barrier Reef is a world-class scuba diving destination. belize barrier reef If you are coming to Belize for a fabulous scuba diving vacation, here are seven important facts you should know: It's Really Big: The Belize Barrier Reef is part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, the second-biggest barrier reef in the world after the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. The Belize Barrier Reef forms approximately 35% of the total north-south length of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System but 80% of its total area. It's a Unique Barrier Reef in the Western Hemisphere There are only two barrier reefs in the entire western hemisphere, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Belize Barrier Reef and a small reef located offshore of the island of Providencia in Nicaragua. Although other reefs in the region are sometimes referred to as barrier reefs, only Belize and Nicaragua have true barrier reefs.

The Top Things to Do in Belize 2018- Must-see Attractions in Belize
Whether you seek sun, nature, beaches, or adventure, there is so much to discover in Belize in 2018. Although the country is small (just 8,867 square miles), it offers so many amazing things to do and see that it can be hard deciding which activities to enjoy first. Here is our humble submission for the top things to do in Belize in 2018:

Is Belize Safe
Belize is a small country, but because it isn't well-known by outsiders, a lot of visitors want to know if it is safe to visit. Of course, no country is ever going to be completely safe from crime and other risks, but Belize is an incredibly safe country for foreign visitors. Tourism is an important part of the Belizean economy. With over one million visitors a year to a country smaller than the state of Massachusetts, the government of Belize takes visitor safety extremely seriously. As such, the vast majority of visitors to Belize enjoy a wonderful, safe, and incident-free vacation.

10 Gorgeous Birds You Are Likely To See On Your Belize Vacation
With more than 600 different bird species recorded in Belize, it can be difficult to decide a top 10 list of the most beautiful. Belize's pristine landscapes of mountain forests, wetlands, offshore islands, rainforests, and jungle make it an ideal location for birds to thrive, including several rare and endangered species. Here is our list of the top 10 most gorgeous birds in Belize:

Top 5 Things To Do in Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve
Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve — known as “Pine Ridge” to locals — was established in 1944 to protect and manage the native Belizean pine forest since the area is very different from the other forests in Belize. The landscape features rolling pine forest spread over smooth, granite hillsides. Unfortunately, about two decades ago, Pine Ridge suffered a pine beetle infestation and it is still in the process of fully recovering to its once majestic splendor. However, the area is still pretty spectacular and it is one of the top spots to visit when in Western Belize. So if you’re looking for a fun day trip, go to Pine Ridge! The area offers a variety of things to do such as birdwatching, swimming, caving, and trekking Maya ruins.

Belize Eco-Kids 2018 Summer Camp Takes Off!
Well hello there, if you’re reading this, then you’re probably a concerned parent who’s naturally worried about your child being away from home. That’s totally okay! I hope these blogs can help relieve your stress. You can be assured that your child will be completely taken care of by experienced and caring volunteer counselors. Today was probably the hardest day for everyone (apart from the last day), a mixture of emotions could be felt at each meet up point. Emotions ranging from fear of the unknown all the way up to excitement. However, that fear they had went away rather quickly. You’d be amazed to see how fast and easily the kids began making friends on the bus. At each stop, with more and more children hopping on, the singing of camp songs became louder and louder.

Eco Kids Summer Camp 2018 Day 2: Biodiversity & Conservation
A wet but joyful hello from the banks of the Macal river. Yes, for those of you who didn’t know, Eco Kids camp is held yearly at Chaa Creek’s Macal river camp. I know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry, the kids are never allowed down by the river; all water activities are done in a supervised private pool. The camp provides the perfect environment for children to immerse themselves in nature. If you ask any camper, being surrounded by a variety of plants and animals is definitely the best part of camp. Our second day consisted of learning about all the chirping birdies, bright yellow flowers and creepy crawlers that live around us A.K.A Biodiversity.

International Sourcesizz

Ralph Jarrells is quite an interesting guy. What he wants to do for kids in Belize is even more interesting. I met Ralph recently at a West Metro Rotary Club breakfast meeting and we chatted about a mission project he has been involved with. He grew up in Columbia and during his high ...


  • International Fly fishing tournament in Xcalak, México, 1min. calling on all fly fishermen in San Pedro!

  • Belize Security Forces Video 1, 1.5min.

  • Belize Security Forces Video 2, 2.5min.

  • Belize National Anthem - Security Forces, 2.5min. National Anthem featuring images from Belize Security Forces

  • Diving the Great Blue Hole in Belize, 2.5min.

  • Chargé d’Affaires Adrienne Galanek of the U.S Embassy in Belize says farewell to Belize!, 2.5min. Let us bid farewell to our Chargé d'Affaires, a.i. Adrienne Galanek! As Adrienne finishes her work in Belize, she leaves with heartfelt gratitute towards the Government and people of this Jewel. Thank you for everything and best wishes, Adrienne!

  • Morning Matters with Jackie Castillo, 55min.

  • Kenny Belize San Pedro Golf Cart, 4min.

  • 2018 Boogie in Belize Blue Hole Jump, 8.5min.

  • Police Check Point, 52min.
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    4 hours ago
    As Belize headed into the critical general election of 1979, the ruling People’s United Party (PUP), under the leadership of Premier George Cadle Price, was calling for political independence as soon as possible, and publicly lamenting that independence had been so long delayed, for more than a decade in fact.

    On the other hand, the Opposition United Democratic Party (UDP), under the leadership of the attorney Dean Russell Lindo, was saying that Belize should wait ten years before entering independence, because the country was not sufficiently developed economically.

    It appeared that the Guatemalan oligarchy and military preferred the UDP’s position on independence to the PUP one, because all the indications were that they preferred for the UDP to come to power.

    During his recent book tour in connection with his “definitive history” of the Guatemalan claim, Havana-based Assad Shoman said repeatedly that the guerrillas in Guatemala had been in support of Belize’s independence, and that, had the guerrillas won the civil war in Guatemala, which lasted from 1960 to 1996, Belize would not have had to worry about a Guatemalan claim to our territory, as we now do.

    As Belize headed into the 1979 general election, it was thought, both at home and regionally, that PUP Senators Assad Shoman and Said Musa, PUP standard bearers in the Cayo North and Fort George constituencies, respectively, were sympathetic to the guerrilla movements in Guatemala.

    In order to allay the fears of communism in the PUP, Premier Price specifically brought in the one Emory King, an American turned Belizean who was known to be 100 percent pro-business, to edit the PUP newspaper, The Belize Times.

    It is not clear when Mr. Price had begun to lose the support of powerful business elements in Belize’s then fundamentally Mestizo and Roman Catholic merchant community, such as Santiago Castillo, Sr., and Ismael Gomez. There was a time in the late 1950s and early 1960s when it seemed that almost all Mestizos were PUP supporters. And these were precisely the years when the predominantly Creole civil servants were leading a campaign against Mr. Price which accused him of “Latinizing” Belize.

    As Belize headed into the 1979 general election, there had beentwo historic, game changing alliances, we submit, since the country’s modern politics began in 1950. The attorney W.H. Courtenay had been a leader of the original opposition to the PUP, which was the National Party, organized in 1951. He was considered such a deadly enemy that PUP thugs attacked his home. Things changed when he decided to defend Mr. Price on a sedition charge brought by the British colonial government in 1958. Since that time, the Courtenay family, powerhouses in the Southside Anglican Church, have been integrated into the PUP, W.H. Courtenay becoming the first Speaker of the House in 1961 under the new Ministerial constitution; his son, V.H. “Harry” Courtenay serving in the House of Representatives and PUP Cabinets from 1969 to 1984, and V.H.’s son, Eamon, becoming a highly placed PUP official and serving in PUP Cabinets from time to time.

    The second historic, game changing alliance occurred when Hon. Philip Goldson’s Opposition National Independence Party (NIP), Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, was being absorbed into the new UDP in 1973. The aforementioned Mr. Castillo and Mr. Gomez had financed a so-called Liberal Party in 1972, which was also absorbed into the UDP. In the early 1970s, significant elements in Belize’s business sector had begun to worry about the socialist influence of Assad Shoman and Said Musa on Mr. Price’s policies. These business elements, primarily Mestizo and Roman Catholic, to repeat, abandoned the PUP and joined the UDP. Their families are still UDP, 45 years later. (Incidentally, the first UDP Prime Minister (1984-1989; 1993-1998), Dr. Manuel Esquivel, was a Liberal Party original.)

    Although the UDP was widely expected to win the 1979 general election, it was the PUP which triumphed, and Mr. Price succeeded in leading Belize to independence with all our territory intact in September of 1981. Belize has changed a lot since independence, and many Belizeans believe the changes have been for the worse. There is no record, however, of the leaders of the UDP, a party which first came to power in 1984 and which has formed four more governments since that time, ever lamenting the fact of Belize’s having achieved independence in 1981.

    With all the pressure which has been coming down on Belize since 2008 to submit the Guatemalan claim to International Court of Justice (ICJ) arbitration, arbitration which theoretically could alter Belize’s present borders, it is difficult not to reach the conclusion that the PUP’s achievement of independence for Belize with all our territory intact was a very remarkable achievement indeed.

    At the time, Guatemala was a pariah state in the region because of the murderous violence its armed forces were unleashing against Indigenous Guatemalans. Except for Israel, support for Belize’s self-determination and territorial integrity was absolute in 1981.

    Since the end of the civil war in 1996, however, Guatemala has done a successful job of refurbishing its image. We would say that since 1996, on the other hand, Belize has become a lawless country, one devoid of social justice, and a country in which only the strong and connected survive, and flourish. While Guatemala has been indicting and incarcerating presidents and other high officials, Belize has apparently become a place where the Chief Justice’s rulings are ignored.

    In a society where injustice prevails, where the rich routinely trample on the poor, it is impossible to create a seamless national unity to fight an external threat. On the matter of the ICJ referendum scheduled for April next year, there is confusion in Belize, and there is tension in Belize.

    In times like these, Belizeans perforce look to the two dominant political parties for leadership. The UDP had been waffling a bit where its position on the ICJ referendum vote was concerned, but their Foreign Minister recently blurted that they were all for the “yes” vote, and that he himself considered that a “no” vote would be “crazy.” The PUP had also been waffling, with only their Leader, Hon. John Briceño, firmly in favor of “yes” to the ICJ. The time has come for the PUP to put up or shut up. April 10, 2019, is right around the corner.

    If the PUP continues to waffle, a vacuum will grow and will be available for the Belize Progressive Party (BPP) and other interested parties to fill. It is important to note that when the Heads of Agreement arrived in Belize in mid-March of 1981, the then Opposition UDP was in major disarray, badly damaged by their general election defeat in 1979. The Belize Action Movement (BAM) and the students of Belize City essentially filled the vacuum.

    We repeat, there is confusion in Belize today, and there is tension.

    Power to the people.

    Amandala Editorial:
    0 13 Read More
    Belize District
    4 hours ago

    Big Money Green Light For Stake Bank Cruise Project

    News is the The Stake Bank Cruise Docking facility had gone silent for a while - but tonight we can report that it's now going full speed ahead.

    First, a little bit of background: Developer Mike Feinstein signed a so-called "definitive agreement" with government 11 months ago to develop the Stake Bank Cruise Docking facility. Construction was supposed to start by the end of 2017 - and it was promised to open by January of 2019. But, it seems putting the financing for the mega-project together took a little more time.

    But, that period is over now: today developer Mike Feinstein told 7News that his group has secured financing of 82 million US dollars for the first phase of development. He says that the financing was arranged by Atlantic Bank and comes from a consortium of international investors which do not include any of the major cruise lines. Feinstein added that he retains controlling interests.

    He says they will break ground out at Stake Bank Caye in a few weeks and work will commence after that.

    At the signing of the Definitive Agreement In August of 2017, he outlined the key points of the project:

    FILE: August 25, 2017
    Mike Feinstein "The Investment is 50 million US dollars and its two docks to accommodate 4 ships. A big development approximately 17 acres of development and there a few stations marina, different companies to the project. But the total cost we estimate at 50 million US dollars. First of all we are hoping to start right after the hurricane season ends. We start mobilizing very shortly, but actually start construction towards the end of the year and it takes 18 months to build these docks and during that 18 months we will finish the upland development. So several crews working out there at the same time. There are people working on the dock, people working on the marina, people working on the upland development, so it's like a thousand people at any given time."

    "I can guarantee you that in 18 months ships will be docking at Stakebank and that is the objective to keep this industry secure. Many of you don't know, but larger ships are already bypassing Belize, so that is how important this docking facility is. So we are securing this industry once and for all."

    That was from August of 2017, so to update it to now, where construction will take 18 to 24 months, we'd say that the project should be ready for the Cruise season of 2020.

    Feinstein told us today that Phase 2 will extend the project to Drowned Caye.

    Channel 7

    Stake Bank Cruise Port to Break Ground in August

    The Stake Bank Cruise Port is finally getting off almost a decade after it was first conceived and introduced by developer Michael Feinstein.  The proposal to construct a cruise ship terminal off the coast of Belize City that would rival Harvest Caye in southern Belize is set to begin in early August.  That’s according to the Feinstein Group which issued a release earlier today informing that Stake Bank Enterprises Limited has finalized all negotiations with government and has also secured funding through the Atlantic Bank.  But as promising and highly touted as the undertaking seems to be, the multimillion dollar tourism project will be scaled down considerably due to environmental concerns over a previously proposed causeway that would have linked the caye to mainland Belize City.  During public consultations held in Belize City in June 2013, environmentalists and tourism stakeholders fought against the causeway. The developers are now able to proceed with the project and have set a timeline of eighteen to twenty-four months to completion.  Project Coordinator Troy Gabb told News Five today that development will also consist of roughly seventy thousand square feet of retail space, beaches and leisure areas.

    Troy Gabb, Project Coordinator, Stake Bank Cruise Port

    “The project concluded, for all intents and purposes, in terms of the logistics, there was a lengthy period of negotiations dealing with the government dealing with the legislation, dealing with the definitive agreement and then there was also the environmental compliance plan that had to be put in place via the EIA, Environmental Impact Assessment.  So that has been concluded and the government is fully onboard and fully approved of the project completely.  In addition to that, of course funding, as you always know, is a critical part of these projects of this size and that was what was concluded yesterday and that is why the release was sent out now because the project is set to go.  A groundbreaking ceremony is planned for the next two weeks or so where we’ll be set with all the pomp and circumstance.”

    Isani Cayetano

    “What is the scale of the Stake Bank project as we’re looking at it going into the future?”

    Troy Gabb

    “Basically the Stake Bank Project or the Stake Bank Cruise Port docking facility is going to be an actual ship dock for cruise ships.  There are going to be two fingers, two piers are going to be built which will accommodate four ships of any class which means that it will include all the mega classes as well.  Right now those are prohibited for the most part from coming to Belize, simply because there are issues with the tenders and so there is always some complication.  This is not going to be the case now and so all those ships that are bypassing us or not have us on their itinerary will be able to come to Belize.  It will also have an upland development which will consist of, as the press release states, about seventy thousand square feet of shopping area inclusive of restaurants and bars and beaches, leisure area as well, as well as a marina especially to house the tenders.  It’s going to be very efficient for them because often times when they drop off their passengers to the ship itself they have to come all the way back in.  They won’t necessarily have to do that now, it will be cheaper to just leave it at the marina and you shuttle in your captains on a smaller vessel, so again, the project is going to create a lot of savings for the tender community as well.”

    Stake Bank to Proceed Without Controversial Causeway

    The project will see the employment of hundreds of local laborers in erecting the twin piers, as well as the structures on the island.  Once completed, however, Stake Bank will be off-limits to Belizeans wanting to enjoy its myriad amenities, similar to Harvest Caye in the south.  That’s because in order for the port to meet ISO standards, security on the island remains paramount.  According to Gabb, Stake Bank will revitalize the cruise tourism industry in Belize City by creating mass employment in various sectors.

    Isani Cayetano

    “One of the observations when looking at the press release is the fact that this time around there is no mention of a causeway, as initially had been proposed which would have extended from the mainland Belize City on to the island.  Is there a reason for that or is that an omission on your part?”

    Troy Gabb, Project Coordinator, Stake Bank Cruise Port

    “No, it’s not an omission per se.  What has happened is that, as we’ve said, the project has been morphing over the last ten plus years and one of the morphs have been that the causeway has not been included in the last amendment of the legislation and as a result is not a part of this particular phase of the project at this point in time.”

    Isani Cayetano

    “In terms of job creation and employment in the first phase which would be the construction phase of the development, what can Belizeans look forward to?”

    Troy Gabb

    “Well that is the part that really excites me.  In the first instance, under the construction period there is going to be a tremendous amount of jobs that are going to be created and that is one of the things that sticks out in the mind of the developer.  He constantly says that this is going to be a game changer for Belize, for Belizeans on a whole.  Mr. Mike Feinstein has been at it for a tremendous amount of time, him and his wife have been dedicated to this project and I think this is a sort of victory lap for them for the most part because now the amount of jobs that are going to be created is going to be significant.  We like to think that it’s going to be in the hundreds of jobs that is going to be created, so you’ll have quite a number of people having meaningful employment for a period between eighteen to twenty-four months during the construction period and then subsequently afterwards because of course the island will need to be staffed in terms of all the amenities that are going to be there.  Not to mention also that after completion, based on all the projections, that you’re going to have a significant increase in ship calls.  Of course, when you have an increase in ship calls it means that there’s more passengers, so the cruise tourism pie gets bigger and because it gets more and it means that more tour operators will be able to benefit from it, more tour guides, taxi people, shuttle buses, restaurants, you name it.  Because as well all know, tourism is one of the strongest performers for the economy at this point in time and because of that, if we grow it bigger then it means that it’s going to provide even more benefits to the overall economy and the overall society on a whole.”

    Channel 5

    23 34,461 Read More
    Ambergris Caye
    4 hours ago

    Is the Proposed Cayo Rosario Development Massive?

    In another tourism development, two months ago we reported on the proposed development at Cayo Rosario in San Pedro. Tourism stakeholders, fishermen and residents are opposed to the development of the small caye because it falls within the Hol Chan Marine Reserve.  The National Appraisal Environment Committee has gone ahead and approved the plan despite widespread outcry from the San Pedranos.  The first plan proposed some ninety over-water structures and several other buildings, but the developers were told to scale down. Small changes were made and over water structures were cut down to fifty-four. But there will also be fifty more structures on the island, as well as a club, spa, restaurant and two docks, among other construction.  Now, according to the redesigned plan, there will be beach reclamation and dredging, which stakeholders are objecting to because it is within a protected area.  Mike Huesner, the B.T.I.A rep on NEAC, confirmed the project was approved, but he also strongly objected to the development within a reserve.  On Monday reporters caught up with Minister of Environment Omar Figueroa and he was asked about the proposed development. The minister says the project is by no means a massive construction. Here’s how he puts it.

    Omar Figueroa, Minister of State, Ministry of Environment

    “There was a proposal to develop Cayo Rosario. The initial proposal called for quite a few over the water structures. I believe NEAC met a few weeks ago and the level of development was scaled down completely, scaled down significantly. And so it might be important, you know, you see you question about massive development is already misleading in so many ways. It is important to get the facts when we talk about massive. There is a proposal there to develop. It does involve over the water structures, whether it is massive or not, you will really need to look at all the details. I know for a fact it was scaled down significantly from the original proposal and a series of measures were put in place to protect the environment out there.”

    Figueroa told the media that he couldn’t comment on the proposed dredging because his Ministry is not responsible for that kind of work.

    Channel 5

    34 5,305 Read More
    Caye Caulker
    4 hours ago
    Belize Zoo has wheelchair friendly walkways for their guests in wheelchairs
    3 104 Read More
    Ambergris Caye
    4 hours ago
    Same group GOB did the deal with for Caye Chapel?
    6 376 Read More
    Living in Belize
    4 hours ago
    [Linked Image]
    0 24 Read More
    Yesterday at 05:39 PM

    Our Maya ancestors defended this land which we now called Belize

    - (1508) First Spanish excursions occurred, Maya resisted Spanish attempts to control

    -(1528) the Maya of Chactemal with their leader Nachan Can continue resisting the Spanish attempts to control the area.

    - (1544) Spanish took over northern Belize

    - (1546) Massive Maya uprising threw Spanish out of Belize

    - (1547) Spanish cousins, the Pechecos, and friends received Spanish Grant to Belize; tortured, killed Maya villagers, burned homes

    -(1567) Spanish went through Maya villages in northern Belize slaughtering, torturing destroying Maya imagery ,books etc

    - (1568) Juan de Garzon's forces destroyed Mayan communities in Belize as far south as Lake Isobel.

    - (1636) Major war between Maya and Spanish occurred

    - (1638) Mayan political leaders started new independence movement; piracy along coast became common

    - (1639) Three leaders of independence movement: Gaspar Puc, Alcalde of Lamanai, Don Luis Kinil and Andres Uxul were captured, tortured to death by Spanish. This Maya are ancestors of the Yucatec Maya in Belize.

    - (1642) War for Belize ended, Maya gained independence

    -(1660) British pirate, Bartholomew Sharpe, began harvest of logwood; British buccaneers settled near coast

    - (1677) Spanish failed attempt at conquest in south

    - (1707) Spanish forced Tipu Maya to aid in fight against Itza-Maya; then sold them into slavery

    - (1788/1801) Yucatec Maya of Belize attacked British logging camps with Bow and Arrows in Northwestern Belize.

    - (1847) the Maya Social War(Caste War) starts Yucatec Maya rise against the Spanish.

    - (1848) The last report on a attack by the Maya with bow and arrows in North western Belize.

    -(1849) The state of the Cross was proclaim by the Yucatec Maya. The followers of Maya Cross became known as the Cruzoob Maya

    -(1860) the Chan Santa Cruz state(Maya State) encompassed all of the southern and central parts of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. With associated, buffer and splinter groups, this state was the core of a broader indigenist liberation movement that controlled virtually all of the old Iz'a territories. These territories include the eastern, central and southern portions of the Yucatán peninsula, extending from Cape Catoche south to include what is now northwestern Belize and northeastern Guatemala

    -(1866)The Maya(Iciache Maya and San Pedro Maya) with leaders Asuncion Ek,Marcos Canul,Rafeal Chan and Luciano Tzuc defeated the British troops in the battle of San pedro yalbac in December 21.

    -(1867) British troops marched into areas in which the Maya had settled and destroyed villages in an attempt to drive them out

    - (1870)The Maya returned and in April 1870 Marucs Canul and The Iciache Maya occupied Corozal

    - (1872) The last mejor serious attack by the Icaiche maya on the British.

    -(1875) The Yucatec Maya in the yablac area continue resisting.

    -(1882) Yucatec Maya leader Santigo Pech of the Icaiche Maya meet with Governor Harley.

    -(1897) The Spanish and British agree in the borders of Belize and Mexico with out asking the Native Maya.

    -(1901) The Caste war was declared over but the maya continue there resistance

    -(1935) General Fransisco May of the Cruzoob sign peace with the Mexicans. During this period more Yucatec Maya rebels belonging to the Cruzoob Maya came to Belize.

    - (1937) Through intimitation the Belize estate and produce company Removed the last Maya village in the Yalbac area,the village of San Jose Yalbac

    -(1962-1963) Maya leader from Xaibe Jesus Ken strick along with 80 men armed with machetes, shotguns, and assorted weapons marched onto company lands, stopped the tractors from working”. Ken sent a telegram to Price demanding lands be given to the peasants.

    -(1981) Belize gains independence from British

    - Today the Maya of Southern Belize( Mopan and Kekchi) continue their struggle. Maya Win Unprecedented Land Rights In Belize At International Courts

    - Most Maya Yucatec in northern Belize have become integrated to the Belizean society working as Cane Farmers,police man,teachers and other jobs.

    [Linked Image]

    NOTE: THe Iciache maya and the Cruzoob Maya were the name of 2 Yucatec Maya(Masewal) groups. The Mayas of Chactemal area were Yucatec Maya Speakers also. Also there were Yucatec mayas in the Dzuluinicob area. The Yucatec Maya in Belize may also identify themselves as Maya,Maya Masewal, Masewal ,Maya Mestizo or Mayero all are the same.

    Belize Yucatec Maya
    6 9,887 Read More
    Food & Recipes
    Yesterday at 05:26 PM

    Featuring the best of Belizean Cuisine

    A dazzling display of Belizean culinary ingenuity and mixology will be the apogee of this year’s Taste of Belize, the BTB’s signature culinary competition, to be held this year on Saturday, July 21st at the Ramada Belize City Princess.

    The event will feature Belize’s finest chefs and bartenders vying for trophies and cash prizes in four main categories, including Pastry Chef of the Year, Junior Chef of the Year, Bartender of the Year and the Master Chef of the Year.

    Taste of Belize is organized by the BTB every two years with the aim to recognize and promote Belizean culinary creativity where chefs are able to entice a panel of judges with delicious cuisines. The last Taste of Belize was in 2016.

    The winners of the various categories will represent Belize in next year’s Taste of the Caribbean, the region’s premier culinary competition, food & beverage educational exchange and Caribbean cultural showcase.

    Speakers at the opening ceremony will include BTB’s Director of Tourism, Karen Bevans, among others.

    Numerous chefs and bartenders from throughout Belize are expected to participate in this year’s event.

    The BTB invites everyone to come out and cheer for your favorite contender and enjoy succulent and mouth-watering Belizean cuisine.

    1 145 Read More
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