Edd...made a quick trip to the clinic to see if there was anything else they needed.
Here's an update:

The antibiotics you mentioned (Biaxin)is good. They are amply stocked with Amoxicillin. I wouldn't bring that. It may just expire and that would be bad.

The Ped. Advil, Tylenol, Motrin....all of these can be used for sure.

Also some Ped. Liquid Benedryl and cough medicine.

Some bottles of Ocean Spray (0.9% NACL) nasal spray....or similar non-brand...Saline spray is saline spray. I know Walmart has it for about a buck each.

Pediolyte.....Thank GOD!...just in time..they have about 5 bottles left.


That is really about all they need at this point as far as Pediatric meds. There were a few items they mentioned that are needed but not pediatric:

2%Miconazole Nitrate anti-fungal cream

Imodium Tablets, liquid..whatever can be found.


and a very unusal drug that may not even be available in the states. It is for the burrowing parasite worm. There are cases showing up now and they have none of this medicine...so it's pretty important. This is usually just a Caribbean problem so you may not be able to find it. It's called:

thiaibendazole tablets (anti-parasytic)

When will you be coming for sure?
The clinic is set up at the Sunbreeze which is right there by Tropic airs gate. Anyone can assist you with finding them.

Call me when you get here....#4223 or come by and see me. My office is at the north end of Front St. across from the old rasta Pasta restaurant. ( got a nice jungle painting on the front of it)

Thanks...Very, Very Much! [Linked Image]