Baby goods and medicines will be in saturday. along with Dental goods and boxes of clothes.

Rick is getting American Airlines to donate space on the Saturday flight.
AA flight # is 2193 arrives 2.42pm @ Belize city international.

hurray to Ed, Tammy, the doctors and nurses at sunbreeze, Rick the patch guy, shipping extraordinaire and the miracle of the internet.

also just got this:
I work for the Lincoln Electric Co. we make welders and welding
products, we also make generators. I have a list of "used" products,
welders and generators. The Company is willing to make a donation of
equipment to the AC relief fund. When we say "used" they are demos, used
in sales offices and at welding shows, we can not sell them as new. And
at a time like this we will make a donation of them. There are many more things I need
to work out on my end but the type of equipment that is needed will help
a lot.
So thanks are in order again. we are working now with Bill Nightengale of Lincoln Electric Co. to pull this one off!

double hurray!

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