Hish school kids being as busy as they are, have little time......but here ya go.

My trip Report!
I love Belize! There is so much to do there. I feel like I needed at least another week, to do everything that I wanted. What I did do was still fun though. The first few days we sat on the beach like bums, which was fine with me. The first night we had dinner at Banana Beach. I loved it. The had awesome food! The next night we went to Caramba! I love Caramba! It was amazing. I tried the ceviche. I don't know if I really liked it that much. Maybe it's just that I don't really like spicy food. We went to Coconet for internet so I could talk to my Mom and friends. Steve the owner is great! We went to Lamanai and our tour guide was Daniel Nunez. He was really nice. He made sure everyone was well hydrated and very informed about everything we saw. We went on the sea horse and manatee trip. I personally was disappointed. I knew that we wouldn't be able to swim with the manatees but it wasn't that interesting. It was a really long trip and we didn't see that much. It was my first snorkel trip though and it was beautiful where we went. I think the place we went was called Coral Gardens or something like that. When we went to Shark Ray Alley, we went with Alfonso. He was awesome. He was really informed and he was soooooo sweet. I wasn't feeling well when we got to where the stingrays were and he brought one up to the boat so I could touch it. It was a little crowded I guess. Oh well, it was still really fun. One night we had pizza from Pepperoni's. It was ok. Another night we had diner at Elvi's. I didn't like that too well. When my freshman guy from college took me out to lunch, we went to Fido's. It was really windy and my salad kept blowing away. It was sort of funny. We went to Mexico Rocks and I didn't have too much fun. That could be because I was out really late, well I guess early, with the girls who work at Banana Beach. We went dancing at Jaguars! Wow that was lots of fun. Then my last night there I went with the girls to listen and dance to Punta Rock. We went to Barefoot Iguana to dance some more. Overall I had tons of fun.

Oh yeah, and my grandpa is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, she didn't really write the last bit laugh

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