Since restaurants are constantly changing, I always check the board for recent comments on what's good, bad, new or gone. Here's my feedback on places we ate at during our recent trip.

Caliente - We ate at Caliente for lunch and dinner; both were excellent. We had guacamole & chips, enchiladas, fajitas for lunch – very tasty. Highly recommend both the chicken picatta and the pez Mexicana for dinner. Great tasting salsa. Had a seat on the balcony for the Friday night chicken drop, however, the rooster was hugely upstaged by humans….

BC’s BBQ - Excellent as always – too much good food and too much fun. We got there at 11:30 – anyplace except on the beach in San Pedro the 45 minute wait for food would have been irritating. As it was, there was plenty of time to enjoy the view, the drinks and the people.

Stained Glass Pub - Standard pub fare – whadya expect for Shephard’s Pie…. Tasted good with Marie Sharp’s. Simon – it was nice meeting you – we hope everything’s going well for you.

El Patio - Was great for a quiet dinner after a day-long trip. Shrimp in butter and garlic tasted great. Atmosphere was good, with subdued lighting, sand floor and an unobtrusive guitarist.

Jambel’s Jerk Pit - Only disappointing meal of the trip. Although it’s a jerk restaurant, we’ve always enjoyed their fish and chips with jerk sauce on the side. The night we ate there, the fish was mostly breading – the jerk sauce was as good as ever. We probably just ordered the wrong thing that night….

The Reef - Food was good, but, not as good as at El Patio or Blue Water. Not disappointing, but not on our “must-do” list either.

Carumba - Had a great dinner. Since we don’t drink, we enjoyed Carumba’s smoothies. Conch ceviche was excellent, along with shrimp and fajitas. The street in front of Caramba’s is currently being paved, but it’s worth walking through the construction area to get there.

Wet Willy’s Bar & Cantina - Had breakfast there – food was adequate but very forgettable, although it was pleasant sitting out on the dock to eat.

Papi's - Never seems to change - always good standard food. Can't go wrong with their fish burger for a fast lunch or with the rosemary chicken for dinner. Papi got married on the Saturday we were there, so the restaurant was closed for the day. The celebration kept the neighborhood hopping 'til about 2:00 AM.... So congratulate Papi when you stop by.

Blue Water Grill - Ate there for lunch just before flying back to the states…. Fish and chips were excellent. Caye lime pie was good, although I like the custard type better than the kind made with condensed milk. It was an excellent place to end the trip, relax and start missing San Pedro.