I'm not going to write a novel, but here goes.....

We just got back and loved it! We had a great (although short) time. We arrived at the international airport with no problems, after a layover in Dallas Fort Worth which was very easy. When we arrived we jumped in a taxi and went to the municipal airport, which was nice becuase we got to see a little of mainland Belize on our way.... and the belize river, which is beautiful. When we got to the municipal airport we understood why everyone had told us to relax! We had reservations for Tropic Air that the people at Xanadu had made for us, but we arrived earlier so they put us on the eariler flight. Very relaxed- we just waited for the next plane to arrive and do a U-turn at the end of the runway!
Our flight was very short and easy. I was surprised that the planes were so small that we couln't even stand up! But we loved the flight- we got to see the islands.
When we arrived there were mini van taxis waiting and they took us right to Xanadu. What a beautiful place! The pool area is beautiful, with palm trees, hammocks and relaxing chairs. The paths are white sand and it is so quiet. We were very happy with our room- it was big and clean, with a queen sized bed, sofa, coffee table and dining table with chairs. The bed was comfortable and the shower was huge and we loved the full kitchen. We went right out to a little shop up the road and bought some food.
Well it turns out I am writing a novel.....
We ate at a few places in town... Estelles for breakfast was amazing, and we loved that we would run into all the people we had met. The fry jacks were the best... I was sad that we didn't discover theem until near the end of our trip. The banana pancakes were also good. We also ate at Fido's, which had AMAZING food, and the prices were great. We liked the atmosphere, but it did feel a bit like we were in the caribbean at a resort. One night we walked over to Victoria House and had one of their desserts- can't remember the name but it was all chocolate and takes 20 minutes to make! We were very excited about a chocolate dessert that takes 20 muntes, and we walked around the grounds of Victoria House whil we were waiting and sat on the beach under the most amazing red full moon that I have ever seen. And the chocolate dessert was definitely worth the wait!
We took a few trips- mainly half day snorkeling trips, and one full day trip into mainland Belize. The half day trips were to Hol Chan/ Shark Ray Alley and Mexico Rocks. We loved Shark Ray alley- it was out first trip, which I would recommend just for the shock value alone! We both got to hug the rays and were surrounded by sharks which was amazing. The other Hol Chan site was great too- snorkeling through a cut in the reef. It was maybe 30 feet deep with sharks at the bottom. Mexico Rocks was very different- more coral than fish. We loved that when we came around the corner of the huge coral 'bolders' all the fish would be out. We also stopped at an underwater cave and a wreck on the Mexico Rocks trip.
Our day trip was amazing. Much better than we expected. We are not 'tour' kind of people so we didn't think we would love it as much as we did. We went to the Belize zoo then cave tubing. We started the day on the boat, and it took about an hour to get to the mainland. It was relaxing- sitting back with the wind blowing. We drove down the Belize river and saw a manatee on the way. After a quick breakfast stop we got in a van and drove for about half an hour to the zoo. We love it- the animals had a lot of room (we usually avoid zoos like the plaugue!) and were in their natural environment. We saw animals that we never even knew existed, and our guide was great. It was HOT though! The next ride was about 40 minutes to have lunch at the Jaguar Paw resort in the jungle. It is a beautiful place and the food was very good. We then hiked for about 20 minutes though the jungle with our inner tubes and the guide showed us different plants and trees. When we got to the river we all jumped in from a rock and the water was so clean and cool- felt so good after the hike! The cave tubing was our favorite part of the trip. It's hard to describe but I would definitely recommend it! Ont he way home we saw dolphins playing around the boat!
What else? We loved the people that we met from Belize. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. It was refreshing to be in a place where we felt welcome. Our only complaint was the Americans that we came across who lived on the island. They compained and complained and complained! We never heard a good word from them! One day we were stuck in a golf cart traffic jam (gotta love that!) and the cart in front and behind us were Americans that lived on the island. At one point I just wanted to scream "Shut Up! If you don't like it hear then leave!!!" I hate complainers- especially when life is good and all they have to complain about it their boat or golf cart!
The way back was easy too- we took Tropic Air to the international airport, with an unannounced stop in Caye Caulker for a few minutes. There were no problems with the flights because of the phones and we found a Belikin hat at the airport to bring home. We flew through Miami on the way though, which is a MESS! What a nightmare of an airport!

So that was the trip- I'm sure I could say more but like I said... I'm not writing a novel! wink And I'm sure not ALL of the American on the island are complainers.....