Garcia & Ercilla are alive and well and staying in the top floor of his house as well as the people who were living on the first floor. This came from Dr. Rodriquez herself. She says for you to quit worrying....everybody is fine [Linked Image]

Believe it or not....the path to your place is still there....Miracles never cease....send that to Ripley's [Linked Image]
Of course, I won't guarantee how mushy it is...LOL Better take a big tree limb with you if you go out there to keep you from sinking!

The big wood house is as you said...gone.

I think basically..water damage is the main culprit for you.

Lou viewed your countryside from across the airport today also and said he could see Ercilla's laundry flappin' on the clothes line. [Linked Image]

Hope you can sleep better tonight.