Well fishing fans here is the skinny on May. All in all it was good to very good. While the wind did blow from the east north east 10 to 20 miles an hour... our reef days fishing south were productive. We tucked behind cover close to the crab islands to block the wind as off shore was not in the plan this week. The Capt fished with three guides... Juan Almerita, Franciso Verde, and Ramon Guerrero... all three great guides.

Day one and two fished with John and Julie from the board j&j. Super nice couple, and John loves to fish. We caught snapper, small grouper, lots of non stop action with a few big gray snapper mixed in. We only fished until noon as we can catch all we want in four hours. We used #2 or #3 size hooks with live sardines and a very small shot sinker as wind could blow some times up to 20 miles a hour. We fished on all reef days 45 min ride south from San Pedro to the channels and shallow reef and car wrecks in 10 to 15 foot of water...

On day three and four I took out some local kids to try fishing and they just loved it. Again had non stop action on day four. Took out Chris my buddy and again some local kids. One chap Cody, a son of my contracter, who did not stop chit-chatting as he always said he could see a big fish behind our boat, bla bla bla... well he hooks this fish and it spools his line and snaps the 15lb test like nothing. So we say you're in the car wreck we are fishing, no fish, only your imagination. Cody says no it was a jew fish. So I put a large sardine on and say ok, where is this huge fish he shows me... well holy moly I a get a big bite and it snaps my line too... wait just a cotton picking minute... we may have a big fish after all. So our guide Poncho Verde says lets get out the heavy stuff and see whats the deal... he puts on a small grunt, we just caught and use a 50lb test, plus big rod . with wire leader and a big sinker sends it to the bottom and pow, pow, pow, bam we have a huge jew fish (goliath grouper) on. A few minutes later fish on gaff and in boat (see photos), it will feed a lot of hungry folks in Belize... no fishing story here!! Lots of fun and action was had by all. Even Chris caught fish (as he has no floppy rod now)...

Day five was Pedro 1 from the board (yes, shy peter, or is it motor mouth???) and his buddy Simon and Steve from coconets internet cafe, a motley crew to say the least. Again go almost an hour south to the car wrecks, fish all around us. We are hooking jacks, some big, some small, plus spanish mackeral, snapper and grouper. A mixed bag of fish, again non stop action. Peter is sleeping as usual when Steve hooks a nurse shark and reels it to the boat. Peter wakes up at the same time to look down in the water and to see what's happening... perfect timing. Just as the shark comes to the surface and snaps his jaws... Peter jumps up in fright. I have never seen Peter move so fast, the big sissy boy that he is... as he runs to the back of the boat, we all had a belly laugh, he was so funny. We cut the shark off the line and send it home. Again a living the dream day out in the shallow water close to San Pedro.

John went bone fishing with Poncho Verde and hooked some nice bone fish, but the the fly fisherman this week had challenges with the high wind but did produce some nice catches of bone fish. On some days we saw hundreds of fish tailing in the shallow flats. This is a bone fish paradise. We did see some tarpon in the channels and permit in the flats as well. We booked all three guides thru Steve at the coconets internet cafe, he is handling the fishingsanpedro.com web site and is now booking six famous guides and Capts of San Pedro. fishingsanpedro.com will soon have a new web site, but for now, you can telephone #1508 721 6556 a stateside call or belize 011 501 226 2835... or email [email protected]

The weeks weather was just perfect... very hot but wind cooled off the days and gave it a real tropical feeling.

My food report was my usual haunts, breakfast at Estelles on the beach opens at 6AM for fishermen... great food... the fried jacks a must and a breakfast burrito so big can feed two...
Jade Garden for chinese, the best home made egg rolls in the world...
Paulys Pizza now on my must eat in list new york style pizza...
B/C bar bbq on the beach next to Sun Breeze Hotel on sunday, outstanding food, 11am til 3pm... ribs/chicken/fish/shrimp and fixings and ice cold beer.

Food in San Pedro has been just super... a vast variety of fabulous places one better than the other.
Had time to meet new and old friends, like Govikes, Peter, yes pedro 1, sorry but i love this guy, Chris, Steve... and some new ones Gela, Lauriemar, missed fluffy. Ship does happen, may be next time... did have great times with [email protected] john and julie, beautiful people, took some kids fishing, did some relaxing, a true living the dream week in San Pedro... my pictures are posted below just click on line and enjoy...

Me, Chris, 2 local boys and Capt. Poncho Verde smiling after a great day of fishing

Me & Chris and the big Jewfish ...ou are from Brooklyn, a big mother fish.

Local boy with a snapper, and notice a Cruise Value Center hat, free of course

Simon, peter\'s friend, first time ...ean around us, chasing bait for an hour.

Everybody cleaning fish after a hard day at work.

Our guide Juan\'s boat, twin engine, look at the beautiful water, after a living the dream day

Poncho Verde\'s 2 boats, one reef boat, one flats lagoon boat. Great guide.

John with Hilly Boo on a night tarpon cuda run, no bites on the tarpon but did catch cuda.

Capt. Juan Almeta and his mate Pete...he biggest snapper\'s i caught this year

Some of the small grouper we were catching with Capt. Juan, nice eatin.

Poncho and John with some of the bo...d permit. The lagoon is alive with fish.

Another bone

Same big mother snapper, just like to look at it twice

This is the one that got away, tried my best. This would have made my day, had I landed it.

Living The Dream Every Day!