Jeff, why the rant? I say the taking of juvie jewfish is troubling and you're having something of a freak out. I didn't "blame" you for anything. I'm not sure why you're so threatened?

Jewsfish don't reach maturity until they're somewhere between 4 to 7 years old and 50 to 90 pounds. That fish looked to be about 20#.

It's great that you're donating the fish you catch to folks who can't afford to pay for it. My suggestion would be that in the course of that charity it might be better to release immature fish. Because jewfish can get so large and are slow to mature what might look like a full-grown fish for a black grouper or a gag is a baby for a jewfish. If I meet Cap'n Verde I'll be happy to make this suggestion to him personally and I promise to do it calmly and respectfully. If you read the entirety of my comments about that fish you'll note that I made my comment in the context of fisherman protecting the integrity of their own fishing grounds and it's harvestable population to avoid regulatory control. Gov'ts step in to regulate fishing when fisherman, commercial and recreational, fail to regulate themselves.

I know you'd love to peg a guy like me as some elitist lefty eco do-gooder. I myself wouldn't mind the limo if that comes with the job. The truth is I've been fishing for 30 years, diving for 20 and spearing for 10 and I've killed my share of fish. If you want to call me anything call me a libertarian, because what I would like to see is fisherman regulate their own fishery responsibly *without* the hassles and endless debate that comes with regulatory intervention.