Let me try and put this in a different context while using some of the views expressed but not meaning to be critical of those views and incurring the wrath of those holding those views. I am honestly not trying to incite people (that is sort of an apology to you Gaz) only to get us to view the debate in the broadest context and not just from our own personal interests.

Spleen coming down to Belize with his spear is not the problem and the threat to the environment as SimonBís observation might suggest. Spleen coming to Belize is the problem.

And, a tourist hiring a fishing guide to take him out to a spear some fish or catch some lobster for a shore lunch or to take back for dinner instead of just coming down and going diving is not the problem. Fishermen and divers coming down are the problem.

The reason for there being less fish around Ambergris Caye is the destruction to the marine eco system and the demand for sea food. Hell (this might be a slight exaggeration) there are almost as many restaurants on AC now as there were people 40 years ago.

Any fishery or eco system can only handle so much pressure. And, we all who live or visit AC put pressure on those. None of us are exempt from contributing to this pressure.

IMO, what would be best for Belize is for everyone who has an interest in Belize to work together to promote sustainable growth and not just try to limit growth by promoting ones interests while discouraging the interests of others. Of course that is complicated by that term greed. So donít hold your breath and expect AC to be like it was 40 years ago. But donít blame today only on those with interests other than yours.