I just returned home from my first visit to SP and thought I'd give a brief report since people said they wanted to hear good and bad. I had a lot of both during my trip.

1) Fishing-small disaster-As I have already posted, my guide got swithched the day before I left for SP. Once I got down there, it did not get much better, the new guide was at least 30 minutes late everyday and clearly did not want to take us on the flats. I have fished a lot in the keys and really didn't want to chase barracuda, but that's what we did alright. Kind of a waste of my time. He also showed up one day and said he was going to take us snorkeling, since the tide was not good for tarpon. didn;'t even have poles in the boat!

2) hotel-we stayed at the sunbreeze and for where our location was, i thought it was great. Really nice hotel. great pool, GREAT restraunt and great message (be sure to see Karen if you go).

3) SP-San Pedr was an interesting town. The H20 and the outlying areas were beautiful and next time I will stay at a further out resort like Captain Morgan's. SP just didn't do it for me. The nightlife was ok. After trying several bar, we kept coming back to Fido's or the tackel box. What was disturbing was almost everywhere we went we were approached about drugs or young prostitutes. The working people of San Pedro were very friendly and accomodating, but being on the streets was worse than NYC. We had to stay in Fido's or go back to the hotel not to be asked if we wanted cocaine or young guatamalen girls.

We had a good time in Belize, but there are a lot of things I would do different if I go back.