Hurricane Emily didnít provide AC with a drop of rain and the breeze was not even strong enough to keep the mosquitoes at bay. I went snorkeling on Saturday as the surface didnít look too rough. BUT Ė yuck! The water was filthy. It was impossible to see beyond my outstretched arms. Tons of sea grass bundled up like tumble weed rolling across the shallow bottom.
At sunset the waves were breaking on the sea wall just south of the rickety dock to the north of us. Bets were on that this hazard would collapse Ė but it didnít even loose any more planks. As the wave came over the wall they rolled south down the face of it leaving deposits in the low lying areas of beach.
Monday dawned beautiful. Tuesday was the same as the island came back to life.
Then, this morning (Wednesday) a storm moved in from the west that blew everyone off their feet! Just as all the pool furniture was being put back in place, just after the beach was raked; just after we all relaxed we got HIT! I wish I had a way to gauge the wind. Suffice it to say the rain was coming down at a 45 degree angle and the palm trees were being whipped around. The sky was full of lighting and I canít help but count the seconds between the flash and the thunder. It started at 25 and came from the north east. At one point it seemed just off shore with a count of six. By the time it had rolled south, on to a count of 15, the rain had stopped. I would guess we had several inches in less than an hour.
This was such a surprise that masses of people were drenched. However, no one was complaining. We so sorely need the rain and as my mother always said, ďYou are neither sugar nor salt; you wonít melt!Ē

Take only pictures leave only bubbles