"The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated." - Mahatma Ghandi.

Mr. Ghandi belived deeply in the rights of people. He understood that compassion and wisdom are all-pervasive attitudes that do not turn off and on from one creature or situation to the next.

For those who want benefit from their investment in SAGA., I offer the following food for thought -
Health? - rabies, roaming packs of dogs et.
Tourism? - starving dogs and cats laying around the streets of San Pedro are not exactly what our guests want to see.
Friendship - a well-trained pet is a good companion, a comfort to elderly or confined persons, a playmate to a child, and can be a defender to the weak.

The old way in San Pedro was to go out with poison every six months and kill dogs and cats found on the street - painfully - is this the message you want to pass on to the disadvantaged children of the village? Kill dogs / kill cats? Great thinking, what wonderful citizens that makes.

Balance, balance. All of us - people, plants, animals, rocks and water - all of us - are part of life. None of it can be ignored without damaging the rest.

It is entirely possible to support Saga, give scholarships to kids, sponsor bike races for grown-ups, donate to criminal-reward funds, by stuff you don't need from people who are trying to make a dollar, and pick up garbage off the beach - all of it needs doing, and if you get your head in the right place, doing it will come as naturally as breathing.

If you have a computer and time to be on this board, you have more than $20 extra. Try skipping lunch (or after-work drinks) once a week, take your lunch-money and donate it to something as grass-roots as SAGA - without fanfare, without somebody badgering you do to it. You'll feel better inside and out.

Most charities have at least an 80% overhead - Red Cross, United Way - read their disclosures - at most, 20 cents of every dollar you give gets to a repient - not too good. At SAGA every dollar is spent on the project.

These animals have nobody but us.