Hi LBI Jerseyboy

It was probably my dog that chased you up north. As was mentioned earlier dogs are great companions and good protection. My dog does not like people cutting through "his" property.
The road along side the Reef Village project is a mess and bikes and golf carts keep breaking down the fence and zooming through on what may look to sme like a back road. It is amazing to me how many people have no respect for property lines then complain when they are chased.
Yes, the beach is ‘the Queens Way’ and the public has the right to walk or bicycle along this. The strip behind my place is not on the beach and is private property.

I am doing all I can to protect my dog. I’m sorry that some people become very frightened when he chases them and barks. He’s not a big guy but has a BIG bark. If you watch he never gets really close and never nips. He chases people until they get to the road.

He was a starved and beaten puppy that a neighbor rescued from the beach a year ago. He was going to take him to SAGA the next day and I said I would take him home to see how he was. I was staying in my new place for the first time that night. He shook uncontrollably for three days and for a month every time I moved my right arm he flinched. Five days later when I took him to SAGA for his shots he weighed only six pounds.
A couple of months later when SAGA had their annual fund raising party and contest Pepe won best of show. When he was six months old he had an appointment with Dr. Shelia and was neutered. The entire procedure was only BZ $45.00. His first visit and all his shots was only BZ $35. They do an amazing job and for very low cost. What do you think these services would cost in the US?

He is very lovable and loves people and is a genuine 45 pound pot licker. He did not start chasing until his best friend, Tessa, was poisoned and died. What would you do it that happened to you? At that time 13 dogs ‘up north’ were poisoned and ten died. We posted a $1,000 reward for the capture and conviction of the person doing this. The poisoning stopped after the posters went up.

Now it has started again on the south end of the island. A guy actually has a picture of the XXXXX man reaching through the fence with the poisoned food. He filed a police report and I took a flyer to SAGA. Nothing has been done.

Everyone will tell you, you can not have a more loyal pet then one that is rescued. When he is not out chasing you guys he sits not at my feet but on my foot.

Take only pictures leave only bubbles