Here's an update on items needed:

Lanterns and batteries
(flourescent kind work great)

Safe cookstoves
(if sending the coleman type that uses disposable gas bottles....please make sure to include the adaptors that convert it to LP gas tanks. These are NOT available here)

Family Sized Tents
(must hold 4-6 people. Smaller ones are of no use. These will be used for entire families)

Folding cots
(small canvas army kind are good)

Pillows, lightweight blankets, sheets, lightweight towels.
(remember these people are washing by hand. The lighter weight towels are functional and easier to wash) (It's hot heavy blankets aren't necessary)

Diapers, diaper pins, rubber pants would be a plus.
(cloth diapers are one size fits all..just fold, are easy to wash and don't fill up the land fill)

Thanks for all that has been done already!