The rib and shrimp compo is unbeatable. You have yummy beans, tortilla and your choice of potato salad or cole slaw. I think the combo is BZ $33 you cant beat the price or the food. There is so much food I can eat only the ribs or only the shrimp while there and take the rest home for the next meal.

All meals come in Styrofoam servers and they will bag this when you want to take some home. Everyone mingles and even four legged dogs are welcome. Be sure and donate your bones to one of us who take them home to our pot lickers (dogs). My Pepe and Grita are most grateful. It will be one of my first stops when I get back.

Charlene (the C in BC) is one of the prettiest and most gracious chef/owners on the island. Ask if they have any T-shirts for sale.

Take only pictures leave only bubbles