The Art Of Love In a Hammock

By David Fairley

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The Art of Love in a Hammock

Instead of mindlessly rushing out and buying the token box of chocolates or dozen roses

for your sweetheart this year, David Fairley suggests wooing your amour with a

romantic rendezvous in a hammock. The self- professed Hammock King and owner of , the largest hammock specialty webstore, recommends giving a

queen or king size Mayan hammock to demonstrate your love. These enormous web-like

hand-woven hammocks, which Fairley refers to as “dangerously comfortable”, can be

strung up easily indoors to be enjoyed even on a frosty February evening. If your

imagination needs a little jump start, the Hammock Sutra calendar will inspire even the

most conservative of couples. “Lying in a hammock with your partner can be an

incredibly intimate and cozy experience” says Fairley , who is regularly asked if making

love in a hammock is possible. This question is so popular that it had to be

emphasized and ranked highly in the frequently asked Questions(FAQ) section of his

website. For adventurous couples looking for creative ways to express themselves this

Valentine’s Day and beyond, hammocks can offer a new and exciting outlet beyond there

common relaxation function. “There were several ideas that even I had not thought of”

admits The King , referring to the latest 2001 Hammock Sutra calendar, which he says “

is really quite tame”. Fairley acknowledges that the standard chocolate, flowers,

card gift pack will remain a strong tradition, he is quick to remind us that “while

chocolates will be consumed quickly and Roses will drop their petals, a hammock will be

the Valentine’s day gift that keeps on giving all year long.”