They were conceived in hammocks, born in
them, slept in them, and died peacefully in them, that is, if they did
not have the misfortune of being mutilated, shredded and killed as
human sacrifice in the ancient Mayan religious festivals
I liked the article about the orgins of the hammocks, but it always rubs me the wrong way how us "civilized" people view religous sacrifaces. To give ones life to the divine is one of the most selfless acts a person can commit. Although it doesnt fit into the ethos of our current culture, I find it inaccurate to view these people as savages because of this act. They were giving up there life for the benifit of other, isnt that the definantion of hero? The benifits may not be obvious, but are the results of any religious ceremony ever easily perceived? Also how about Christianity killing 5 million women in its history (Crusades, Inquisitions, and witch hunts.) They killed women for no reason at all, in the name of the lord. Plus the concept of women hatred has bleed over into other religions, Islam as an example. They treat there women like shit, and Christians point the finger at them and call them immoral, immoral for praciting a concept they created (and would still practice if it wasn't for women demanding freedom.) So its not like our own religion doesn't have blood on its hands. Anyhow don't let something we don't understand, or agree with make a beautiful culture seem like savages. These are just my thoughts for the day, not a direct response to the quote above. I know whoever wrote it meant no harm at all smile