I have a friend (Wendy Auxillou) who has a 13 year old daughter in KHMH Hospital. We are trying to raise some money for some fans for the hospital. If you are interesting in donating any $$ for this, email me and i'll figure out how to push the dough around.

Wendy's in Caye Caulker or Belize City these days, so the money will stay in Belize.

One thing that struck me is that the ward my daughter is in is very hot. Most
patients bring along a standing fan but there are those that can hardly
afford to be interned in the KHMH much less afford to bring along a
standing fan for those hot days and nights. So, I thought of a project we
can all contribute to if Dr. Rosado (of KHMH) is willing to accept it, and that is
we on these lists pool together to donate 100 or so standing fans to the
hospital. I will pledge to donate the first ten standing fans. If each
person on this list will pledge the $50 BZ to purchase a standing fan
(there are more than 100 people combined on these two lists), it would be something.

email me at marty@casado.net if you are interesting in helping. $25us for a fan that can really help folks is a great way to make a lil difference.