A Mitch "rerun" is now looking Belize straight in the face. The only thing
we got to pray for -- exactly as the last time -- is that old El Norde does
the right thing.

Last time -- El Norde strengthened during the course of Mitch stopping it
before it reached so far North as to hit Belize. In fact -- El Norde
stopped Mitch and then pushed it to the South West and the rest is history.

Now we are looking at Keith -- Son of Mitch -- building up in the exact
same manner.

These are the new generation of "pocket" hurricanes. That is they are not
born and raised far across the Eastern Atlantic -- off the coasts of Africa
-- as indeed is Joyce -- but localized hurricane formation in this
Caribbean pocket sea.

Probably one of the "changes" in global weather habits we can attribute to
Global Warming. You know -- that which everyone most certainly states is
not happening -- and even if is happening has nothing to do with all the
fossil fuel combustion by modern nations.

This folks looks like it is going to become a new yearly event for us here.

Back to El Norde. Last time we prayed for a strong El Norde to push Mitch
"back" -- and our prayers were answered -- and thousands upon thousands of
good people died South of us.

Now we must pray for a weakening El Norde -- let that bubble of cold air
from the North "shrink" so that the Yucatec Hurricane Channel becomes a
hurricane highway again.

Then Thousands of people North of us die.

Of course -- the "panic" button has been pressed here on Main Land Belize.
And evacuations to hurricane shelters has started.

Due to the surprisingly fast pace of development of Keith -- we are all ill

I here that evacuation from San Pedro and Cay Caulker is now no longer
possible. But find that hard to believe. I am advising my wife's son's
family living in San Pedro to abandon all and evacuate now. Figure they can
make it to Salt Creek if they leave no later than 5:00 PM.

Just talked to him again -- they are looking for a skiff.

Peter Singfield