Hello everyone,

Been looking for a place in Ambergris Caye for the 1st week of December. There will be 5 adults (early 50ís Yikes!) and we would need 3 bedrooms.

We are looking for either a house/condo or hotel. We arenít too picky but would definitely want to be on the water. If it were a house we would like a pool but would settle for a hot tub. For a condo or hotel we would want a nice pool with a good bar (LOL).

So far I am leaning towards one of the three bedroom units at Banana Beach. Most of what I have seen of it seems like what we are looking for however the sites all seem to be run by travel agents Ė does anyone have direct contact info for them. (Iíve had some bad experiences with booking thru agencies but wonít rule them out if necessary.)

Does anyone have a recommendation for some place other than BB?

Seems like you have quite a nice forum here and I am looking forward my first visit to Belize!