LPG Hits 100 buckaroos per standard 100 pound cylinder.

It's time to get the housewife's and kids out on the streets with
their frying pans and skillets? Shouldn't GOB take some of the
gasoline tax proceeds and use it to stabilise the price of cooking

From 7 news:

Household managers prepare for another round of butane gas price
increases and this time the prices are sailing over the $100 mark.
Tomorrow in the city, the price of a one hundred pound cylinder of
butane gas will jump $7 and cost you $98; while in Orange Walk you
will be paying $99. In Belmopan it also jumps $7 and that sends it
from $93 to $100. Dangriga residents will also have to fork over $100
for a one hundred pound cylinder. In P.G. the price will be $101; in
San Ignacio $103; and Benque has the national high with $104.

The last price jump was on September 8th and then the prices rose by
an average of $6. We stress that the quoted prices are the controlled
price without delivery. When you add in the delivery fee, in the city,
a one hundred pound cylinder will cost you a blue note ($100).