Ok... only 1 more sleep to go and unofficial packing panic has set in. It seems I've got more "stuff" than clothes... enough lotions, potions, drugs etc to stock a pharmacy, etc... Could use a little last minute advice on some of the things I've packed (or, haven't packed).

Once I leave AC, I'm spending 1 day in Tikal, 1 in Flores, and 3 in San Ignacio. This seems to require a completely different wardrobe than my time on the beach. I've only packed 1 pair of sneakers, 1 long sleeved shirt and one pair of long pants for this half of my stay. Can I get away with at least some t-shirts and capri pants to round things out or do I need more "interior wear"?

Also, for consideration of rainy days/nights or just cool nights in general, do I really need a jacket? I don't have a light waterproof one and so far have only packed a light cardigan sweater, an umbrella and light plastic rain poncho to take care of any "off" weather.

Matches... I'm bringing citronella candles for... well, it sounds like they'll be useful just about everywhere on my trip. I've checked US Airways website about prohibited items and know that I can't take matches in my carry on bags, but does anyone know if they're allowed in checked luggage? Or, is it just plain easier to get them there?

I'm sure more last minute questions will pop up through the day but just wanted to get some ideas about this stuff before I started repacking. Again. smile