Last night at Fido’s a raccoon fell from the roof by the sushi bar, hit a table, broke its leg and hit the floor over by the stage door entrance. Lorie came over to CocoNet Internet looking for the number of the SAGA society or Cathy from Pampered Paws. She said it was dying and people were all hanging around. We got a hold of Cathy, who has the keys to the SAGA office, and I drove Cathy over in the POURING rain to pick up a carrier, gloves, towel, and that stick with a loop in the end. Then back to Fido’s (still raining) with all the equipment.

Now mind you there was no charge for this entertainment. The raccoon was NOT happy to see me. I don the gloves and toss towel over him. Maybe it was a girl, I was paying attention to the teeth. I gently tried to wrap him up in the towel. Not as injured as we thought, he squirmed away. For a moment I thought ‘Good, we can probably save it.’ then I realized he was now limping around the dining room. We began chasing him around and under the tables with the towel and the stick with the loop on it. I did mention that there is never a cover charge for entertainment at Fido’s right. When we get him over to the dance floor I toss the towel over him, drop to my knees and hold on firmly. One arm and his head are not covered by the towel. Cathy tries to get the loop over his head several times, but he is fast enough to keep biting it. I did mention the teeth right? I asked for another towel to cover his head. Somebody tossed me a t-shirt. With that over his head, we were able to get him into the carrier.

Back in the golf cart in the rain Cathy and I drive him to SAGA.

I think they are going to fly him over to vet in Corozal today and see if they can save him.

That’s, life in paradise.

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