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Getting some damned fierce gusts here, but bearing up. People are
walking out of the San Juan area carrying a few of their belongings.
Some moved out using vehicles. Where they're going, I don't know.
They're not headed toward the High School. Maybe the elementary
school. That area is one of several subject to flooding. The water in
my back section was up maybe a foot today, so, with wave action, I
expect some of those areas are getting soggy.

The emailed NWS I got said 960 millibars STED 966. Yawk.

This is something I read about some time ago, and seems to be a fairly
recent -- past several years -- phenomenon. Almost a combination
hurricane and tornado, more like a big midwest cyclone on the sea.
That's how you get supers with internal windspeeds equal that of
tornadoes -- 180-200 miles an hour. This is what old Keith had the
potential of being since the beginning. Only being near land keeps him
from doing it. I hope.

Power's back on for the second time after being off twice, but only in
my area. I'm going to post another Nexxxt. Gusts stronger, but
conditions still moderate. We can do up to about 120, I think, then
we're dogmeat.


John Lankford

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