Most tourists rent digital cell phones and buy phone cards to use while they are there.

IBKeeper is right about the various owners. Tradewinds (Bill Toonin) has 6 or 8 units, Capt. Ron has two and the ones managed by Nellie are all owned by different people. That said, understand that each unit is furnished differently and some are more modernized than others.
There are eight beach front units, Bill has two, Ron has two and I think Nellie manages the other four.
The first time I stayed there I stayed in one of Nellieís beach front units in off season. It was wonderful. Funny thing is we were evacuated for hurricane Mitch. The next year we came in high season and stayed at a pool side unit and it was fine.
I have been in Capt. Ronís beach front unit and it is beautiful.
One of the nicest things about Paradise Villas and the Blue Tang is that they are right at the end of Hustlers Dock and very convenient for diving.

Take only pictures leave only bubbles