Oops, I posted this in the wrong thread before. Here is Wendy's latest message from Caye Caulker:

Funny you should give the tidal forecast, John, as I was just getting ready to post on the tidal happenings here on CC.

Since I last posted this a.m., the tide has gone up probably a foot more or so. The "battering" waves have started. The sea level is now to the top of bridges (at least the ones I can see), and the waves are now in full swing eroding the beach in front of
me. In fact, when the waves are coming in, the now lap about 5 feet from the front door of the house I am in. And this is just the beginning. I fully expect bridges to start collapsing at any moment now.

In terms of wind damage, I don't expect too many fallen trees or even ripped houses, but the destructive eroding effects of the wave action (akin to Hurricane Mitch a few years ago), is now underway.

I am really sorry to see this happening as I dearly love our new beach. It is sad to watch it now being washed away in front of my eyes.


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