Okay, this is my first time to post a topic, so go easy on me... (Is it true that the 'first time' is the best AND the worst??? hmmmm)

We're coming back down for the month of January, arrive Dec. 28. During that time, will have a revolving-door schedule of friends and family coming and going. Wondering what will be plans for New Year's Eve Celebration(s)?

We're familiar with the island (been there 6 times this year, love it so much we bought a condo, been to most of the restaurants, beach bars, etc. But I digress...) Just wondering what you guys suggest. We usually follow Dennis Wolfe wherever he's playing and he said 'well, if it's Sat. I'll prolly be at Tackle Box'. Big party there? Charlene has a deal going on but will there be live music?

What do you think?