Sin your right on top of the post ?? all just super points as you know ambergris caye , like the back of your hand..... and thanks, but my question is ,are they in full operation ,??? and what services are working..the place looks great on web?? but on a honeymoon you might like some pampering ,and creature comforts of a luxury proprty.. ie.. restaurnt on grounds , bar ,front desk staffed all day .,room service, lots of amenities??..again they may have all of this and more?? if thats the story ,and a fact they may want all those or maybe none??.... if they do not care about them or are in place now.. then I stand corrected sorry... again only doug man knows what he wants wants ..he may want total seclusion ?? and likes boat rides in small 26 foot boats.. ..different strokes for different folks.a honeymoon should be all you want it to be . and just to your taste,wants ,likes , and budget...yours to enjoy and a nice ,sweet memory to start life together,again go live the dream..

Living The Dream Every Day!