Relatively little rain --

But really incredible gusts of wind -- like mini-twisters or something.

Corozal had a storm surge -- must have been at least 4 ft hi.

Toni's Marina sea wall is 3/4 gone!

We reset the boat -- it had got pushed about 1/8 to sea -- dragging its

Place around my house is a real mess -- lots of cleaning up to do.

The weather was great this morning -- but great heaping black clouds
closing in from all direction. Just as we left -- some rain came -- but
right now nothing.

Skies greatly overcast though.

The horizon towards the west is extremely black - -as well as to the North.
A band of dark skies also advancing from the east.

We still all have power -- but hard to make internet connection. And many
the complaint regarding that in Coro.

Good old BTL -- you can always depend on them letting you down in a crisis
-- and making sure no one else is ever going be around to compete with them.

Shame on Belize and Belizeans for letting that situation continue!

At the very least -- we should be allowed private satellite dishes. It
probably will amount to a life and death matter at some point -- and not
that far away either.