We are coming to AC in February for the first time! We can't wait. There's so much we want to do but we don't have a lot of time to research tours, so I have some questions.

1. Which Mayan Ruins would you suggest visiting? (It seems Tikal is the largest(?) but it's in Guatamala. Probably not available as a day tour from AC, huh??

2. Is there a Zip Line tour offered from AC? Is there more than one Zip Line? If so, which is the best tour (if more than one)?

3. We're also interested in some sort of jungle tour with the best possibility of seeing wildlife in natural habitat, not a zoo.

4. Also, where is the best place to hopefully see manatees? Are tours offered from AC?

5. We are also interested in the cave tubing. Which is the most adventurous?

We will be on AC for 2 weeks. Would it be best to stay on the mainland for a couple days in order to do the best tours or do the tour companies on AC offer the same tours?

I appreciate anyone's 2 cents.



P.S. Our main activity will be diving. Good luck fitting everything in our itinerary, right!!? (sarcasm here)

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