I know, White Water. I've seen many a dive operator grab ahold of completely harmless nurse sharks and try to put on a show! I'm not naive to Carribean diving. I've been diving for over 10 years all over the world.

Seashell, as far as the conch shells, I am well aware. I love to eat conch and I know they're plentiful and are beautiful.

I just prefer a RECREATIONAL dive operator that leaves everything as found.

I don't need lectures. I just thought I could find an eco dive company. If not, so be it. It's no big deal. I'm not a PETA weirdo or anything so don't get the wrong idea.
I'm just well aware of the depleting coral reefs, etc., etc. and try to be conscious of it everywhere I go. I thought my eco awareness would be a benefit to other countries but maybe not.