Well fishing and party people, here is my January post... like it or not here it is...

Fishing Weather Report: Winds out of the north, cold front, wind speeds up to 25 miles per hour made sea conditions choppy, and a nip in the air for the first 4 days. Then it cleared up some to a sea condition of smooth seas and not too much wind. Very low tides in the AM.

The crew, Me Craig, Susie[govikes] and Steve, went out with Peter Graniel on his big boat 30 footer. the Jo-De. We trolled for wahoo, and anything that would strike our line. We used the big game reels, we trolled lures and bait and got a couple of strikes, but not really the best of conditions. But Pete and his mate tried their best. We went out for only half a day and called it a day. We went back to the dock for cold ones by 12, with a few barracuda in the box. Not a great day but we got out for a try. Better than sleeping home… he has a nice boat, very roomy and had a head [bathroom] for you folks that like your creature comforts. Pete does a nice job. We will have Steve book us again in Feb to try outside the reef again for the big critters we know we can catch.

Days 2 through 4 we fished with Capt Juan Alamilla, on his reef boat the Couqila. It is a 26-footer, a very clean boat, good new tackle, even uses GPS to find the small reef and wrecks. He has a great mate Pete who does it all. He baits your hook, cleans your fish, you are pampered. The sea was still a chop, and blowing out of the north, and to use old Brooklyn saying, it was a freakin’ cold wind. So Capt Juan took us out of the wind. We headed south to his secret spots behind San Pedro out of the wind. We had some very good days of fishing, with huge catches of mutton snapper, and yellowtail snapper. All made delicious meals for the table. Again we only fished for half a day as we caught all we wanted, and had great action. And we had “living the dream” fishing days.

Day 5 and 6, the wind was less and smooth seas, which is typical of San Pedro, lots of sun, 83 degrees. Capt Juan took us north for the big grouper, we fished the Basil Jones Channel for the big ones. Chris, from Pelican Properties, myself, and my nephew Craig had some huge fish on. We lost 4 jumbos that were just too big and broke off. Chris did land a nice mutton, and a cuda, and Craig got a nice sized grouper… it was a fun day in the sun. The last day we went south through the channels. The weather was great, no rain, no winds and fish leaping in the boat. We had schools of jack boiling around the boat for an hour, we just got tired out from catching jacks. We moved to another spot and tried to catch snapper. We did hook up with the snapper and again had a leap job, and quickly filled the cooler. Another “living the dream” day in paradise. One for the record books. The day produced lots of fish to eat for all who needed fish.

Fishing synopsis: The weather was a challenge with the cold front. Wind and rain, but we got into some super fishing and we always had laughs, fun and action. We got rained on at times, but the showers only lasted a few minutes. But who cared as we were away in a far away place, having a ball and as close to heaven as I will ever get. All my fishing was booked through my buddy Steve De'maio who books fishing and tours at his Coconet Internet cafe. His site is fishingsanpedro.com. See the nice photos. You can reach him from the states at tel 011-501 2262835 --- a good friend and a nice guy. Call him for a great day out on the water. He books seven of San Pedro's best fishing guides, and now takes Mastercard. A big plus as no cash is needed except a tip for the mate, and real cheap compared to state side prices. Guaranteed “living the dream” days on the water.

My restaurant report:
Again just wonderful choices of food on the island. Went to my regular favorites like Stain Glass Pub in town. We had owner Marie cook up our fish. Had a big feast. She cooked it three different ways with lots of side dishes, all the goodies, and topped it off with jumbo fried shrimp on top of the platters. Just yummy, we left there stuffed. We went to Elvies Kitchen, I think they do a nice job, a nice place, they’re always good and all at not too bad a price. We had some very nice lunches at Ali Babba wonderful bbq chicken cooked before your eyes. Middle Eastern food, very very cheap. We did the BC’s Bar bbq sunday again, cannot miss this place, a San Pedro treat, a must, as well as BC's special Tuesday lunch for jumbo cheeseburgers and dynamite potato salad. We also did the Jade Garden thing for the world’s best homemade eggroll and great shrimp and black bean sauce with their special fried rice. A good deal and again always good ticket. We did try Manago's new menu, new award winning chef Amy Knox. This is the new hot place. She does a nice job, very good food and very different from the rest of the lunch and dinner places. But did not like the seating do to the stools, they are not at all comfortable. I hope they change the seating as the food is top notch. The best meal was had at Casa Picasso, another great place on my must list. We had wonderful tapas for a starter, lots of good wine, drank their lemon drop mixed drinks, dined on fabulous Caesar salad which is second to none. Chris the owner had their special paella a treat on the menu with lots of good stuff in it. What a meal! We finished the meal off with their famous desserts, cracked coconuts ice cream surprise, dynamite chocolate cake (a dieter’s nightmare), and so much more. Even Peter liked the food. But he did make a hasty retreat when the check came. Another San Pedro tradition. To know him is to love him. There is great dining here in San Pedro. We never did go north to try the new places due to the strong winds. I like my smooth boat rides at night, not the wet ones, so we only stayed south this time. But we’ll try the new restaurants north next time.

This was a “living the dream” week, and one needed very badly... just made plans to return Feb 13 to 20 for more wonderful days in paradise!

here are a few fishing photos of the week..enjoy..

Steve from Internet cafe, and Susie govikes

Pete the captain

picture 3

capt. Jeff and capt. Pete

Capt. Jeff and nephew Craig

Craig with another nice grouper

Capt. Juan\'s boat and mate Pete

Chris from Pelican Properties, my d...n with a nice muttin snapper, and a cuda

Living The Dream Every Day!