I will be going to Belize for my honeymoon in June. I am totally confused not only about what hotel to stay at but also what location. We have narrowed it down to two places. I made myself this list that I have compiled by reading different forums so please input or correct things that you think may help. We are Scuba certified but just beginners (1st time out of classtime). Although we are on a honeymoon, sitting around is not our main goal.

Ambergris Caye – Banyan Bay

smaller island so maybe breezier, maybe not as much rain since its North, less bugs, closer to town, lots of room (too much but same price as Robert’s Grove junior suite), full kitchen, closer to dive sites, mainland things take longer (ruins, river, hiking), one big pool, one decent restaurant, other restaurants in town within walking distance

Placiena – Inn at Robert’s Grove

Mainland, maybe more rain and bugs, not within walking distance to town, two restaurants on site, quieter, resort-like, luxury, multiple pools, gym, junior suite has small refrigerator, mainland trips close by, dive trips take 45min boat ride to reach??, maybe less stores/restaurants open being June??

Please feel free to comment on anything – the hotels or the locations in general. If my soon-to-be-wife wanted to lay on the beach which place would have more things that I could do while she did that. For example take a kayak somewhere and snorkel. How is the swimming/ snorkeling at each of these places? Thanks so much